Magic goblin saga part 2// 


the best times of my life are also the worst

i am bleeding all the time

i feel an ache in my chest as i stare at someone i adore, who i have a sinking feeling does not adore me in the same way, 

ive been basking in the warmth, the comfort of their touch, that isnt a touch reserved for me and me alone

ive been loud inside my head, voices scrambling, leaving me no time to hold onto the good,

because i dont know whats good, i just hold onto things hoping one day ill know but i dont,

i never know so i just keep holding and holding and holding and holding and holding on 

and the things want me to let go, but i can’t tell if its the thing telling me to let go or the thwarting of words inside my head that are yelling. and hurting, and weeping, and digging and digging and digging and digging into my skin down to my bones, ripping out my teeth

the things and the voices and the thoughts are eating me alive

i am bleeding all the time

theres magic in the fact that i am still standing

that the structure of my body still holds even though the goblin in my skull is like a termite

that eats and eats and eats and eats the good if it ever existed behind my eyes

a magic goblin is stealing my teeth, one by one, the healthiest, brightest ones, 

leaving rotten decayed, chipped, frayed pieces of bone in their wake, each piece

claws into the roof of my mouth, my tongue, my gums,

i am bleeding all the time

i am constantly choked by the blood from my own body, ive

tasted it and breathed it and breathed it and breathed it for so long i

dont even remember its there until i open my mouth to

try and speak, to tell anyone that

someone is stealing my teeth

but i have to stop

the blood from

draining my

body and 

the magic

goblin is



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