magic goblin saga/



a magic goblin stole my teeth

stole my magic

stole whatever their goblin fingers could reach

a magic goblin haunts me while i sleep, the power to take from under me what i had been holding so dear

a magic goblin stole my teeth

one by one until i was left with vulnerable raw gums, unstoppable bleeding and a feeling that the extensions of my teeth, 

a fear that my bones

would be next. a magic goblin stole



a magic goblin keeps me trapped beneath grotesque and hardened soles, 

toes sinking into the back of my head, squeezing my gums down into cold cement,

a magic goblin keeps me down, promising me relief, 

promising me more teeth,

but each new grown from fragmented bone is 

canaled from my howling mouth with no warning,

no respite,

no care,

a magic goblin wont stop taking every fucking piece of me

a magic goblin walks with me every day, every moment i hold my tired eyes open for hours on 


i feel sick with the magic the goblin gives me, the magic eating my insides as the goblin

tears away at my outer shell. i feel like im disintegrating.
a magic goblin is stealing my teeth.


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