Additional Policies

Online Commenting Policy

All comments made on The Muhlenberg Weekly website or Facebook account are subject to moderation. Any comments containing hate speech, personal attacks against an individual, and spam will not be approved.

We do not require that you include your full name, but we reserve the right to delete any anonymous comments or those submitted without a valid email address.

Correction Policy

The Muhlenberg Weekly strives for accuracy in reporting and writing, but we acknowledge that mistakes happen. Readers are invited to submit corrections about errors in articles, and they should be submitted to Corrections are also brought to our staff's attention by our own editors and writers.

Our staff will review the suggested correction, consult with the author of the article, and issue the appropriate correction. Online corrections are located at the bottom of the article. Print corrections are located within the paper, on the page indicated in the online edition.

However, The Weekly does not grant take-down requests for articles.

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