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Who we are


Gregory Kantor
Gregory Kantor is a senior at Muhlenberg and majors in Public Health with a minor in Jewish Studies. In addition to his work with The Weekly, Greg serves on Muhlenberg College EMS and works in the Writing Center. A native Long Islander, he enjoys watching New York's losing teams – the Mets, Jets, and Islanders – in his free time.

Managing Editor

Alyssa Hertel
Alyssa Hertel is the current Managing Editor of The Muhlenberg Weekly. She is a Media & Communication major with double minors in Creative Writing and International Relations. An avid fan of both perfectly average sports teams and political debates, she hopes to pursue journalism as a career, focusing in either sports or politics.

Asst. Managing Editor

Chloe Gravereaux
Chloe Gravereaux is an aspiring writer who has never worn mismatched socks and spends too much time in the dollar section of Target. She dabbles in all forms of verbal and visual art, but short fiction is her favorite (with short nonfiction as a close second, obviously). She's written for The Weekly since her freshman year.

News Editor

Melissa Reph
My name is Melissa and I'm a Political Science major. In addition to being the News Editor I'm also President of the Pep Band and a Vice President of Membership for the Mu Xi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. In my free time I read and complain about DC Comics, urban fantasy and mythology based novels, and media's historical incorrectness.

Arts and Culture Editor

Lauren Mazur
Lauren Mazur, member of the class of 2019, serves as the co-editor of the Arts & Culture section. Now a Junior, she is a double major in English and Music as well as a part of the Pre-Law program.

Arts and Culture Editor

Brooke Weber
Brooke is a sophomore English major with a penchant for Harry Potter and pancakes. As a member of the Muhlenberg Theatre Association and the Girls Next Door, Muhlenberg's only all-female a capella group, she treasures her position as co-editor of the Arts and Culture section.

Opinion/ Editorial Editor

Will Wamser
People look at me as some big shot writer, but I’m still the same wisecracking kid from Abington looking for the answers to life’s big questions. Am I a hero for writing truth through my articles? I wouldn’t say that, but I would force others to say it. If I had to describe myself in two words, they would have to be Will and Wamser. If you would like to get to know me a little better, or even just wax poetic on a few topics, you can find me at facebook.com, thank you and namaste.

Sports Editor

Matt Riebesell
Aside from being a part of the Weekly I also am involved on campus as a tour guide, and I play on the baseball team. Also, I am a junior and study media & communications with a minor in political science. Post Muhlenberg I would ideally like to enter the sports media industry. Favorite GQ meal: Breakfast Bowl

Chief Layout Edtior

Besides being The Weekly's layout editor, Jack is the layout editor for Muses magazine and works in both 'Berg's IT department and the Writing Center. He is working on an English/Physics double major.

Layout Editor

Ian Adler
Layout Editor Ian Adler is a sophomore and Environmental Science major. Ian usually spends his time outside, playing music, juicing oranges or hanging out with his Zeta Beta Tau brothers.

Layout Editor

Emily is a freshman at Muhlenberg and majors in Neuroscience. She loves horror movies, her cats, and annoying Greg. When she's not in the office, she can be found wasting her money on 1980s Japanese pop star memorabilia on Yahoo Auctions.

Other Staff

Publisher: Lynne Septon, Images. 

Since 1991, Images has been the publisher of The Muhlenberg Weekly. In her role as publisher, Lynne helps The Weekly improve its product and maintain a print edition.

Faculty Adviser: Sara Vigneri

Sara is an adjunct professor in Muhlenberg's Media & Communication department, teaching various journalism courses. She has served as The Weekly's adviser since 2016.

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