How to write for us

The Weekly is always looking to add new members to its staff! Below are some frequently asked questions.

Do I need prior experience to write for The Weekly?

No! Although helpful, past experience is not necessary to write for us. All of our section editors enjoy working with new writers to help them improve their abilities.

How do I get started?

All you have to do is email one of our section editors. Our sections are:

Which section should I write for?

News covers campus events, student organizations, Student Government, College administration and breaking news; Campus Voices is the home for opinion stories and letters to the editor, as well as our weekly staff editorial; Arts & Culture covers the many performing arts events; Sports addresses everything related to athletics on campus, including varsity and club sports.

Still undecided or have more questions? Contact the any of the section editors above or the Editor-in-Chief at

What’s the time commitment like?

All of our staff members contribute varying amounts of time each week, with editors dedicating the most. We do not require writers to submit an article every week, but we offer titles (staff writer, etc.) to those who write more frequently.

Do I need to come up with story ideas? 

No, our section editors are responsible for generating stories that they then assign to the writers. However, feel free to pitch stories to an editor at any time!

Ok, but here’s the thing: I don’t like to write. Can I still join the staff? 

Yes, absolutely! The Weekly is one of the most interdisciplinary student organizations on campus due to the nature of running a newspaper. In addition to our writers, we have students who utilize their skills in copy editing, layout and graphic design, photography, and business. If you have an interest or special skill, chances are we’ll find a role for you on our staff.

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