I got scratched by a ghost

Despite attempts at religious and spiritual combat, the ghost is seen lurking alongside Ian Adler '20 (right). Photo taken in January. Credit: Jake Dengler

Last Thursday, I woke up: kind of a weird start to the day for me, but even weirder was this burning sensation on my neck accompanied by two distinct scratch marks. Casually, I brushed it off, thinking that some sort of evil beast of the night must’ve gotten to me but vanished as dawn broke, just in the knick of time before any real damage could be done.

I went to class, then to lunch and continued carrying on with my day, the burning fading out of my mind. Then, I took a nap instead of studying — this was the first mistake of many. When I woke up, the burning was back, and worse than ever before.

“Maybe I scratched myself?” I said, so I checked my fingernails — round they were, with not a jagged edge in sight. “Maybe I live with a cat now?” But alas, not single non-human in the apartment. Or so I thought (kinda).

I started blazing my way through the internet, only to find three potential causes – a skin condition I’ve never heard of, scabies or demonic possession as retribution for my sins. With all the negative energy flowing around my aura as of late, I knew what it had to be — demons was a natural place to start.

Digging around through sites, I’ve uncovered just one small lick of the mystery. The signs all point to the haunting of my spirit by a highest level negative energy being, possibly casted on me by some sort of subtle-sorcerer. With an energy range of anywhere from a billion to infinity units, this would explain the sudden ability to cause burning in my neck at will. What other sort of being could have this magnitude of power? This ability to instill fear in its host? Spiritual researchers have verified the link between negative energy beings and mental and physical illnesses, problems digesting carb-heavy foods, an inability to operate motor vehicles and a well-developed interest in reality television, all of which I’ve experienced within the past 37 weeks. I strived on, looking for a fix.

I think the spirit caught the scent of my stress, accumulating in my energy points from my plethora of assignments, failing relationships and recent stressful bout with vegetarianism. Casted from the realm of the supernatural, it chose me as its host in my time of weakness, taking advantage and feeding off of all of my negative energy and turning into black energy, it’s driving life force.

Based on an available diagram, this being must’ve come from no less than the 4th region of hell, a realm so terrible, every being would obviously want to leave it. It uses the scratches on my body to manifest itself in form, channeling through me like I’m some sort of portal. Kind of a weird way to get around if you ask me but then again I’m confined to the 3 dimensions of this universe — I don’t get to make the rules.

Kind of a weird way to get around if you ask me but then again, I’m confined to the
3 dimensions of this universe – I don’t get to make the rules.

The key to combating supernatural interference is simple — stay hydrated, take your vitamins and attempt to create a line of communication with the supernatural world. You have to show it that you are the boss of your body, spirit and the bridge between the two. It also can’t hurt to get help from external sources who are also in touch with the many realms of heaven and hell. I’ve been donating to spiritual research foundations all day to feed their support, yet they still suggest that the being is growing in energy by the minute. Strive on, we must.

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Layout Editor Ian Adler is a sophomore and Environmental Science major. Ian usually spends his time outside, playing music, juicing oranges or hanging out with his Zeta Beta Tau brothers.


    • Me too,I’m reading about this because I get a scrash on my left arm and that was like paranormal for me I don’t know,but the thing is ;it don’t scared me.🙏🏻

          • Hey my name is Jonathon collins my wife christine stenger she woke up this morning july 16 2021 at 10:00 am and she said that she was complaining about her butt hurting and she said it hurts my wife never got 3 scratches in her life and now that she is 40 years old we gave a picture if it she never scratches her self at all in. Her life her stomach hurting and she said it burns we live in a hotel where theres a lot of bad people and kills put we will be getting a house she is so worried that what ever it is that did that to her it will follow her we live in Springfield.mo please call us and tell us what to do 14177551540 thank and god bless you contact us ASAP

          • Plzz help i really need it if u are in insta just msg swarnimayu._ if u can tell me what’s that thing haunting me

        • That happened to me last week on my right leg and I felt it and it burned like hell. But I have an issue with attracting demonic energy.

          • Don’t be afraid, pray & get prayed over.
            Examine what you may be doing to be vulnerable, the company you keep, unforgiveness, confess your sins to God/Jesus. Maybe start giving money to charity, do good deeds for others.
            Are you watching horror movies, listening to bad music, watching pornography etc
            Surround yourself with light, even at night.
            Burn a candle during thr day when safe to do so.
            They live off ugliness & negative emotions as they are deranged ( not in their right minds)
            Good luck & God bless

          • Don’t be afraid, pray & get prayed over.
            Examine what you may be doing to be vulnerable, the company you keep, unforgiveness, confess your sins to God/Jesus. Maybe start giving money to charity, do good deeds for others.
            Are you watching horror movies, listening to bad music, watching pornography etc
            Surround yourself with light, even at night.
            Burn a candle during thr day when safe to do so.
            They live off ugliness & negative emotions as they are deranged ( not in their right minds)
            Good luck & God bless & tell whatever it is you f#@kb off in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth- seriously

        • I woke up had no clue anything was wrong till I went in shower had 3 claw like scratches down my back. And they were pretty deep. I also get burns .this isn’t fun.lol.

          • My girlfriend and I were happy as far I could tell and I never thought that we would break up. When her cousin died in a tragic car accident she went to her family at Mexico for a week. I couldn’t go because I was in the middle of helping a clients for work. She did not seem to be upset that I could not go so I let her be. The next thing I knew, she reconnected with an old friend from high school that she had a crush on years back and they started to have an affair! I had no clue what was going on until she came back from Mexico. She proceeded to see this old friend and I caught her and her old friend one night hugging each other. I confronted her and she told me the truth about what happened. We broke up and went our separate ways. Neither of us fought for our relationship. I was angry and decided not to be upset about it and just keep it moving. Then after about few months of no contact with her I became sad. I wanted her to tell me she wanted to be with me and not her old friend. I visited Dr Mac for a love spell and he truly helped me! he was able to get her to miss me she wanted us to get back together again. She had lot of regrets and felt bad for not fighting to keep me and for cheating in generally. she cherish our relationship so much more now and we are together now! Thanks Dr.ma c ‘ ‘ ya ho o…co m…………………………………………………

        • Put your foot down face off with it meditation imagine your body is able to create a forcefield that they can not pass them focus on that forcefield pushing the spirits or what ever away from you learn about blood magic it works as blood magic is the representation of life the strongest force to exist. Also if you have any questions contact me at this number 7509955818. This being has been with you for a while try not to argue with your spouse that is what is feeding it.

          • Please I’m also going through this scratch for 3 years now and I’m sick now anybody to help +264812502285

          • Have Faith in God..pray n have no fear ..say the our father take ur vitamins and clear ur mind …read the faith to faith n talk out loud that nothin skared u with God next to u always ..psalms 91….say it with strong faith out loud n tell the Lord whatever shall b done but u fear nothin and you will c the difference

    • My boy friend has been getting scratch marks on his body 2 and he also has the burning feeling…. But it’s like a lot kinda all over.

      • Run is what it means, i had one like that one day but ignored it only to wake up the next 3am because the devil was scratching 666 over my arm and since then i have had a lot more anger and pain.

      • The A is satanic symbol. It has several meanings both correlating to the same thing. But one symbolism is the A is an eye . The all seeing eye I’m sure youve seen its likeness. Like if you would draw an eye if you was drawing a profile view of someone. Another is that it is a upside down bulls head. Or ox. Flip it up and it’s pretty easy to see it. I’m sure youv heard about the bull in music or it’s mentioned many times in the Bible

    • Everything described is identical for me, but add on how I’m made to “look crazy”. I was scammed by a very sophisticated ring of hackers…it’s definitely a trauma….
      Because of my stressed state, I think the same thing has happened to me: I have had a burn mark on my left wrist. I admitted myself to a hospital because of suicidal thoughts and when I woke up, there was a poop stain left on my bed. I showed it to two friends. It was a weird zigzag and dot like someone had written it. If someone has had experience in a “cure” for this, please let me know. Thanks.

      • RELAX! There’s no such thing as demons, the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. When you die, that’s it: no more you! You’re very welcome. Now quit scratching yourself when you sleep! You don’t need “jagged” nails, just normal nails will do.

          • The other night at 1:30 in the morning I was in bed alone at least I thought I was because it felt like someone was laying next to me and I turn around and nobody’s there then all of a sudden I got a horrible burning sensation on my neck I thought I got bit by something went into the bathroom and I had long scratch marks going down my neck I took pictures there is an evil entity and I said I rebuke you in the name of Jesus… Nothing else has happened since but I’ve never been attacked by an entity before.

          • I’ll simply say this. Read psalms 91 & 23 everyday in the Bible. Read Psalms 91 faithfully every night before u go to bed. THE DEVIL IS A LIE!! (John 8: 44-47) Stop fearing them! (Psalms 23) Your fear is what’s feeding them giving them power over u when God gave us power over them. Rebuke them and command them to go back to whatever pit they crawled out of in Jesus’s name. Read Psalms 2,6,7,9,17,18,22,23,25,31,34,35,37,38,39,43,44,51,56,57,70,71,74,88,91,94,91,106,107,111, 118,& 144. I am currently going through Spiritual Warfare & also recently learned that I have the spirit of witchcraft on me due to my great grandparents using black magic while doing a spell to make their family rich. My great gran did something wrong leading a generational curse to be placed on our bloodline. Demons will seek ur attention to gain power. However do not give them full acknowledgment. Rebuke them in Jesus’s name and cast them out everytime calmly. Meditate on Gods word, trust in him, and have faith. Do not continue to speak about what u have experienced with the spiritual realm. Words hold power. Renounce Satan as well as any and all evil. But u must first believe before he will come to ur aid. Do not blaspheme (meaning do not speak what u truly do not believe & isn’t of the heart). [https://versebyverseministry.org/bible-answers/unbelievers-casting-out-demons]
            There is only one thing God will never forgive and that is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. It is considered eternal sin. Read the link below to obtain knowledge & abstain from doing such or ur soul will be condemned : https://www.samstorms.org/enjoying-god-blog/post/10-things-you-should-know-about-blasphemy-of-the-holy-spirit#:~:text=Blasphemy%20of%20the%20Holy%20Spirit%20is%20willful%2C%20wide%2Deyed%20slandering,the%20power%20of%20the%20Spirit.

            I hope this helps all who is still suffering. I know personally that it has helping me battle the evil forces in pursuit of me. Do not be a fool and try to cut corners. I promise u it won’t work. Do not turn to psychics, mediums, spells of black magic (voodoo or Santería). They are not his way, will, or of his word. They are opposed by him. (Check out this article on GotQuestions.org – What does the Bible say about black magic?

            Repent and turn away from the works of the devil, follow his commandments, & change the way u are living ur life. It is the reason u are suffering. We are all his children and he loves each and every one of us. U need to take ur situation serious and seek God. He is waiting for u to call upon him to extend ur arms up to the sky & completely surrender urself to him. U may think he doesn’t hear u but he does. Cry out to him and let him bare all ur burdens. Give it all to him. Let Jesus take the wheel. Another thing listen to praise and worship music to allow the Holy Spirit to come into u and read up on his teachings & his word. I know u have all heard music is good for the soul, right? Just not all types. Let the Spirit be moved and his word uplift. There is power in the name of Jesus.

            Some Good Christian artist: MercyMe, Michael W Smith, Tauren Wells, Kirk Franklin, NEEDTOBREATHE, For King & Country, Tamela Mann, Karen Clark Sheard, Jason Nelson:




            God bless all of u and good luck!

        • How do you explain scratches when you have no nails then? Honestly curious because thats my case. i dont have nails capable of scratching (because i bite them to the nub) also sometimes the scratches are so close together thats it would be actually impossible for me to align my nails that way (especially in my sleep).

        • You don’t know what you’re talking about ! There are demons that live among us . I’ve heard people say they can’t hurt you but it can make you hurt yourself . Well both are true . It can cause you to hurt yourself but it can also hurt you . My stepfather and my mom bought a house that has a demon in it and it’s still there . They bought it about 50 years ago . We or they lived there for 50 years. Everyone moved out except my step father and mother. My mom left after they had lived there about 17 years . My stepfather was an atheist so he never believed anything was in the house even though he carried a flashlight every night and was up looking around at least 2-3 times a night . He would just say he couldn’t sleep . My little brothers which was about 14 or 15 was awakened with big deep scratches on his back that burned like he was on fire . Many nights it would scream in his ear and the screaming in the ear also happened to my middle brother. The windows would go up and down which was impossible because the man that they bought the house from had painted the windows to seal them and he had nailed them shut . After the first year we all finally knew a demon was there . When they went to see the house the man met them there but he would not go in . He wouldn’t even go up on the front porch. We didn’t even pay attention to that until we realized the demon was in there . Then my brother brought it up . The fact that the man , the owner, wouldn’t go in house or on porch . The bathroom light would come on and the water in the sink would come on and run . The dog knew it was there . When the dog would start growling and barking the demon would , we are assuming, kick the dog because the dog would go flying backwards and yelped as if he was in pain . I can’t even tell you all the things that demon did to my family and the poor dog . My stepfather stayed there until he died . They found him in the living room , with his flashlight, face down , naked and dead . Like I said, he was an atheist which they don’t believe in God so he didn’t believe in spirits of any kind . Just know that there are demons !This one was very mean . I guess that’s why they call them demons instead of a spirit or ghost . After my stepfather died , his niece inherited his house . She fixed it up some and rented it out . She could not keep renters in there . They wouldn’t be there longer than a month before they moved out . She put an ad in the paper for house for rent and she said if you talk to a previous tenant , I will not rent to you . That was strange . My little bother , the one that got scratched, told her the house was haunted but she didn’t believe it . Well now she does. She ended up selling it to one of those guys that buy your house quickly and for about half of what it is worth . He will find out soon that there is a demon that claims the house .!!

        • I’m a Psychic and empath I didnt believe myself until I fully developed my gifts and now I can see them if you have bad luck chances are you have entities around you you don’t know about! It can even come from your own parents scaring you by yelling at you when you were younger believe or not

        • Like how do you know if demons are not really. Can you prove that? Also, people can scratch themselves in their sleep. But, if they are big and necessarily not a scratch then a ghost or something else must have done something to you. Also, you don’t just die and don’t go somewhere, but if you believe in Jesus, you will go to heaven, but you will go to hell if you don’t. But, even though you might not believe in that. I’m just telling you. Also, I’m just telling my own opinion so please no hate or anything for what I’m am saying. Thanks. 🙂

        • The devils biggest fear is everyone believing he exists. If he does. But I’ve been where you are, not believing in light and dark as a natural occurrence but it’s unbelievable the truths that are hidden. Makes most of us sound absolutely mental lol. I hope you remain untouched.

          • This is real get stuffed ghosts last nite came in my bed and cut pieces of my hair off go scratch yourself looser this is real I’m scared how would u like it if ghosts came in your bedroom and scratched Moran on your face!!! Demons are real 2 they torture me all day long and assault me all day! Gd riddens to u!

        • This is real get stuffed ghosts last nite came in my bed and cut pieces of my hair off go scratch yourself looser this is real I’m scared how would u like it if ghosts came in your bedroom and scratched Moran on your face!!! Demons are real 2 they torture me all day long and assault me all day! Gd riddens to u!

      • I hear penicillin and Vagisil works wonders, Of course I’m just taking advice or rather making a true statement based on the things my fiance’ said she thought the symptoms sounded like, Maybe I’m wrong, Wish you the best of luck with Everything and I Hope It gets better Very soon, Also I know that Selflessness is the only thing that will make your or rather, Families and other loved ones who truly believe in you and what is happening with you.

    • I was home alone, reading in a room. I went to the kitchen to get a drink , when I came back the room was in darkness, the lamp was off. I thought it was a loose light that, but the lamp was actually turned off. I got mad and started cursing , then from the sudden, I got scratched! No cats, nobody else in the room but me. I have photos of the scratch. I put alcohol on it, and it burned for several hours. I am trying to understand what happened….

      • Wow 😮 do you feel like a lil tickle I was drinking my morning coffee when I feel like a lil tickle and there I see with my eyes the scrash even my husband that was with me saw it but it take like 10 minutes to disappear but I never feel scared I just pray.

        • My partner just woke up now to majorly scratches all over his back to the point blood has been drawn along them scratches he woke up to his back burning I don’t recall scratching him my nails have to be short for work and they are and he couldn’t reach it as they were in the middle of his back going up his neck ! He doesn’t believe in spirits demons etc but I think he is now this is freaky stuff not sure what we’re suppose to do now ignore it or find the source and do something about it …

          • My boyfriend has also been experiencing these things. We salted the house and burned sage around the house. It went away for 3 days then we went on a 7 day vacation. We have been back for 2 days and the scratches are back and ten times worse then when we left.

      • Well, what might be happening is that if you don’t have a cat or anything that could do that. Then, you might need to get your house or whatever you are living in cleansed because you might have a spirit or even a ghost in your house. Not to sound crazy or anything just giving my opinion of what might be happening. Also, even though that might sound paranormal to people. I think it might be something else that might want to hurt you. But, Just saying my opinion once again. Have a nice day. Thanks. 🙂

      • I’m sorry Rosie, that happened to your son. You should use Holy Water and a cross. Ask you’re church priest (” what do I need to do”). I’m 16 years old and dealing with 2 entity’s. They won’t leave my counselor alone. They hate the principles office. I think it’s funny in a way these spirits hating an certain part of the school.

    • I’m expecting the same experience. I go through this on a daily battle. Every part of my organs are not my own. I feel the scratches in my throat. I also fight in family battle. My child experiences the same. We have been praying. Listening to spiritual warfare. Anything imaginable.

  1. I have 6 scratches on my arm. I was cleaning my room and then I felt a cold burning on my arm so I look down and it was scratched the burning goes off and on but I don’t know something about this is very strange so I’m going to sage my house and I have been playing with the Ouija board a lot recently so I won’t be doing that for a while

  2. Re two nights in a row I have been woke up by a feeling of being poked hard right under my chest plate on 2nd night it happened I had scratches I was wearing a shirt and had fell asleep wearing a hoodie so I don’t think I could have scratch myself what could this be

  3. I would be curious to see a picture, but like me, you probably didn’t think to take a picture of your wound at the time. Same thing happened to me years back, but I’m becoming more interested in answers as of late. Woke up and went outside only for the sun’s rays to strike an itching, burning sensation all along the back of my neck. I reached back and felt two raised lines of scratches. When I looked at it through two mirrors reflecting each other to see the back of my neck, I realized I had two perfectly straight, jugular to jugular scratches so deep that they had swelled and raised up a quarter inch and were both slightly moist and severely red, but the skin was not broken or bleeding, but definitely on the verge. Knowing what I know now, I’m at least glad it was just 2 and not 3, but both scratches did subside the same day, and weren’t even present the next morning.. And no, my pillow is not made of nails, I didn’t own a cat at the time, and my parents would never do such a thing.

    • Damn I understand I’ve been dealing with a evil spirit for 7 months now need some tips? Pray. Read genesis 28 13-15 and psalm 91 in the mornings and psalm 64 and psalm 18:18-23 at night before bed

      • Well if you’re dealing with an evil spirit for 7 months that’s not good. I think you should really do something. But if you need help I can understand if anyone needs some to talk to about this stuff. Here’s my email: 26smeeks@gmail.com
        Thanks. 🙂 have a great day ya’ll.

  4. Hi- I’m from GLF services. We aren’t very well known as we jump from state to state- but specialize in confirmation and investigation of paranormal activity. We have on multiple occasions come across these types of occurrences. As the author of his post has stated. Be strong, practice your mental strength and control of your body. Fear is like a key they can use to get to your soul. Don’t let them have that. Let your body shiver, but never let your mind sway. Be strong- luck and good fortune be unto you.

  5. I’m working on a theory ..the three scratches are possibly a stigmata ..the Roman flagrum was a 3 tailed whip ..it’s what Jesus was whipped with..they hate you because like Jesus you are the enemy..

  6. My boyfriend has been attacked by a spirit at our new house in vaiselia CA. I have pictures and videos. It was 12pm and we were talking about how we been hearing noises and we feel that theirs weird things going on in the house. Shortly after he started to feel hot on certain parts of his body (neck, arms, and back) suddenly scratches and bruises started to appear. We burn sage but doesn’t seem to help. If theirs anyone interested in investing I am willing to allow you to. Theirs demons or spirits in my new house. We took a picture of the chimney and three faces seem to appear one is a man, another seems to be a women and also a baby. All we know is that a 3 year old baby drowned behind the lake at our house.

    • How many womEn? Or do you not know how to spell?

      Start yelling at “them”. Tell da bi$h to get da f Kout and go back to whatever dimension they haul from, and make sure to add “BIT CH!” When you yell. Show ’em whose boss. Then buy some ice cream and turn on the Travel Channel. (And offer them some ice cream while they sit on the couch next to you, LOL!)

      • I’ve had so many and counselors in my lifetime the worst one was I was laying in my bed and I heard a little girl cry did not turn around something told me not to turn around I just said go to the light God is waiting on you well a couple of months later my friend was knocking a wall down to make my bedroom bigger it was beautiful beautiful I just bought by the door something came from around the back of me I felt the wind of it I didn’t see anything it should my plant and burned it and we’re at the door I guess it had my cat stealing my jewelry ma diamond ring my neck my big chains I found them when I move in the basement

  7. I have had years of off and on hauntings. Physical and just plain spooky. Recently I went to an old girlfriends house in which on numerous occasions in the past i felt fear for my life. I usually stay away. The experiences I have had there are enough to make anyone not go back ….but I did. This time ….when I got home the next morning I had these very fine Scratches on my leg. There is no way in hell I would have done this to myself. I never blacked out except for when we were being intimate. During that period I dont recall much except my friend receiving extreme pleasure. But seeing these scratches really tripped me out. But im over it now and plan on not returning to her house. Supposedly the people that lived in the home before had the wife come up missing. They never found her. I kinda feel she is hurried under the garden.

  8. It’s called dermatographia if it’s lines. Next time try and draw your name on your itchy skin and you should see the wheals or welts come up. Often people who debug haunted places on the Internet show how they come back with mysterious scratch marks over them. I’d rule out the physical first.

  9. Last week I was awoken by a severe burning feeling on my hand and when I looked there were scratches. They burned and itched for 2 days. A week later they are still there and do not seem to be healing. I also sensed the words “be careful” as I woke up. I have never believed much in the paranormal but this is giving me the creeps.

  10. I being scratched at least 6 times a month taking my energy drain and me it’s been around me for sensor age of 13 and now it’s changed tearing me up scratching me and taking my energy A help to bless the house and I think hes attached to me I need to get rid of its draining me big time

    • I know what your going through trust me I was at those beginning stages but you need to drink water and eat. Stay hydrated and make sure you eat something even if it’s an orange . Pray. Read genesis 28 13-15 then psalm 91 in the morning and night directly before bed read psalm 64 and then psalm 18:18-23 you will get better sleep at night that’s a protection prayer . Put on gospel or bible stories on and if you want a d have it play out loud. I’ve been dealing with this now 7 months I dealt with scratches all over thumps loud noise knocks bangs on the wall and ceiling scratches on my walls sometimes giving me sleep paralysis etc even dealt with it showing its self a bit it growling at me watching me following me everywhere literally. Whispering in ny ear taunting the bible stories mimicking words from my t.v crawling on my walls rubbing it’s nails on ny back it drained my energy so bad in the beginning it happened at the ending month of July of 2020. Its tried multiple attempts to get me but I just won’t. Please I advise you to pray it won’t ever leave you alone til you show it you work with God and you won’t succumb to it. I almost gave up in the beginning but my relatives that passed on and God told me to get up and eat and drink I went 3 days without a full meal and sleep I cried was depressed and I found out later on that this is a spiritual awakening to get closer to God. It’s made me closer and quick to gEtting on my knees now. Donot let it take you. It almost took me too rn I still deal with thumpings and whispers and disrupted sleep but it’s way better thanks to God jesus and my relatives .

  11. Don’t be fooled! Demons exist and God exists even more. That kind of stance will lead you to hell when you are a good person who doesn’t deserve it. Say this prayer with me me- I am a sinner and I can only be saved by our Lord Jesus Christ. He was murdered over 2,000 years ago but he rose in the third day and now sits at the right hand of the Father as our advocate. I am only saved by His amazing Blood and Grace.

  12. I do believe in whatever this is because I have three scratches on my legs that’s been there now months I also feel things shaking my bed touching my toes I don’t know what it is but I know it’s something just the other night as I was laying in my bed something lick my ankle I reached out to touch my ankle and it was wet

    • I advise you to pray. Nothing that means no harm would cause you harm scratches symbolize something evil. Prayer before bed and and pray in the mornings it’s a protection prayer . In the morning read to yourself silently genesis 28 13-15 then psalm 91 in that order at night before bed psalm 64 and psalm 18:18-23. Stay prayed up 🙏🏻

  13. I had a trident scratched into the right side of my neck and an eight pointed star imprint on my left thigh. The scratch came after my shower and the star came when I was just sitting watching TV. The scratch burned really bad.

  14. How can you get rid of the scratches? I have scratches on my back ever since I was 12. I dont know what to do to get rid of it. Someone please help.

  15. I have been experiencing scratches on my breast and arms. I moved to a new location and had not been scratched for over two years but two nights ago I woke up to three scratches on my forearm, oh my God it has found me again. Thanks for these comments, I will be praying and reading the scriptures that were suggested in the comments. Please pray for me as I will pray for you 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • Hey I also have been scratched again, I use to get scratched mostly on my chest aswell from the time I was about 10 or so untill I was about 25, i am 31 now but am starting to get scratched again, I recieved a good one today and I’m %1000 sure it was not me and if you look closely at the scratch it looks as if it were made by something hot because it’s almost blistering a tiny bit, it’s uasally 3 scratches on my chest but this time it was 2 long ones on my arm, when I was fully away and felt it when it happened and watched it slowly get super red. There are a lot of people who think we did these things to ourselves but I’m with you I use to get them weekly mostly in the shower weirdly enough, stay strong I know your not making this up

  16. Yes
    it’s true, I want to know who can help with this I actually have three scratches with pictures. Things holding you down , is there a medium or anyone that can help.
    Information that can help ? Someone told me to put salt around, did anyone hear about This ? I’m constantly praying

  17. ^^ don’t talk to a medium. That’s going back to a demon. Rely primarily on God himself. Pray, any sin that you have committed— ask for forgiveness. Repent! Read those scriptures in the Bible. Carry one in the car and sleep with one in the bed. Think Positive about ur life. Stay away from Negative influences/people. Take authority and tell the demon you COMMAND it to go way in the powerful name of Jesus. Ask God for deliverance from Evil. And claim him as your Lord and Savior. I experienced all of these things^^ but with these steps I got rid of it. And will continue to do these to stay protected.

  18. We have just bought a 1948 house that needed renovating,working in the third bedroom we have changed to a bathroom i felt a burning to the top of my chest, i finished the work i was doing and went down stairs where there is a large mirror and to my surprise saw that there was a u shape scratch under my throat the width of my throat area. It felt like sunburn at time, this a single scratch which has raised. Really strange as i had not been working with anything could have done that.

  19. When I was a small girl, there would be bite marks on my arms sometimes. It had the shape of a really small U. It didn’t look human nor animal. I had a hindu background on the maternal side, so my mother would keep knives or an iron machete under my bed. For years, even after becoming a born again Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I would be attached nightly , by the most terrifying nightmares, being jolted awake and so on. My father’s alcoholism and various other sexual sins must have kept the doors to the demons open, in our house. Since he was the head of the family. Moreover, I had indulged in horoscopes and the New Age practices as games as young child. I read this book by a former head witch, she had become a Christian. She spoke on using the Blood of Jesus for freedom. I pleaded the Blood over myself and renounced any connections to my past. After that my dreams of flying at night etc stopped. Anything that attacks you, no matter how scared you are keep calling the Name of Jesus. Even shout His Name. Believe in the Cross!

  20. I woke up with little scratches on my face and have been havin trouble with thinkin my home is haunted .does anyone know how i can get rid of this problem

  21. My question is, if a spirit or demon can physically touch you then you should be able to touch them. If they’re capable of grabbing people by the foot and drag them down the stairs then we should be physically able to strike them. If they are manifested in a physically complete spirit unable to move through walls and grasp a foot then that foot should be capable of kicking sparks from that demon spirit. If it’s impossible I’d like to know how that can happen. The laws of physics don’t add up. If a demon grasp your hand with
    “their “ hand and you’re holding a knife would it penetrate some part of the spirits hand if you started jabbing at it being careful not to stab yourself ? I don’t understand why it can’t.

  22. From the time of me being a small child I’ve had the most horrific experiences I’ve been with my wife now for 32 years and since we’ve been together we’ve had a combination of experiences I went from a successful businessman to a homeless drug addict that being said we’ve lost everything and it still continues it’s you know one bad thing after another we try to find the bright side and everything and nothing seems to go right. constantly things go missing we’ll find a places that we haven’t been or we haven’t left the room and they’ll be outside. That happens several times a day and now we’re starting to get a physical element scratches and burning .I mean like real like somebody burning you with a lighter and we’re trying to figure out a way to deal with that if anybody can give any kind of advice or anything we could sure use it I’m open-minded to anything and and I actually did get rid of a ghost about 15 years ago but I didn’t know no processes or anything so if anybody could help us how to determine if that’s what it is and if so how you get rid of the dang thing thank you. Hit up my email and if you’re serious I’ll give you my phone number and everything and we can get in contact thanks again.

    • Hi Midas just repent completely honestly. Pray pray pray all the time. Please read loudly the BIBLE Psalms of praise and Thanksgiving both morning and night. Read loudly and learn Ps 91,121 &23.many times in the day. Most all CLAIM and put the Most Precious Blood of Jesus on EVERYTHING! Seek help from holy Pastors/Priests for deliverance and prayers. Join a group of very devout n faithful people too. God is good. Jesus SAVES.Be delivered , healed, blessed and prospered by His Precious Holy Blood!I pray this on you and yours in the mighty and matchless NAME OF JESUS OUR GOD.AMEN.

  23. Has anyone ever experienced a full on goose pimple rush, so intense and painful that you can’t move? It took minutes, that seemed like hours before it went away. It was pretty scary to say the least. Last night, I was semi asleep/awoke and I lifted my head and scratched myself all down the right side of my face. It’s worrying me to death. Any help would be fully appreciated.

  24. I woke up and and had the urge to jump on here and address alot of you guys on here. These things happenedd to me years ago. I have had many instances with demons. I always was a positive person but everyone that surrounded me was negative. Demons use to attack me in my sleep, I would wake up with 3 burn marks on my legs. My bed would levitate while I would be lying awake. It all started when I was 5 years old. I was able to see dark spirits around me. My mother must have knew something although I never discussed what I saw with her. I would just always run to her bedroom and crawl in her bed. She never knew why. My mother never went to church but she was a very spiritual person and believed in The Lord Jesus Christ. She read the bible to me daily and at night she got on her knees with me and said Our Father’s prayer. This was a ritual, every night! So one night and my last night running into her room, she said to me, listen whenever you feel afraid just call on Jesus and He will save you. She said He is always here with you. She said you know how you like to talk to your imaginary friend, make Jesus your imaginary friend, although He is real and Alive! So one night it clicked when these spirits kept haunting me in my room. By the time this huge dark shadow approached the entrance the door to my room, I called out loud JESUS! I closed my eyes shut and threw the covers over my head. After I got the courage to peek out my room was clear. I sat up all night just waiting, but nothing. and that was the last of it until later into my adult years, and even recently after I decided to do a fast because I had not done it in years and I was starting to see demons again. On the last day of my fast I had already previously scheduled a webinar class on some training I was learning. Low and behold the Holy Spirit told me to start taking picture of my computer screen. I was watching someone narrarate a slideshow of pictures. I watched til the end and I took maybe 30 pictures. I never saw anything out of the ordinary on my computer screen or within the video I was watching. When I looked at my pictures 4 of them had demonic images of creatures that was very distinct without a doubt, one of them had its long white hands around my neck on my reflection in the screen! I could see a big head grey head that was disfigured sitting on top of the mans head taking his place in the video! My mouth was wide open! I could not believe what I was seeing, then I saw a picture with a bunch of lines connecting different color orbs mostly pink and green orbs. I was blown away. I was puzzled because I was on a FAST guys!!! Why would God let this happen to me when I believe in Him and pray to Him and Worship Him? So I asked why Lord Why? He said they will always be there but I want you to know and remember that I will always be right here with you! YES!!!Thank you Lord for your answer! People when you have the Lord Jesus Christ in your life you have the power to rebuke those demons and put a bubble of protection around you. I remember one other time when a demons were in my mothers house after she had died. They were vicious! I could see them everywhere. But I wasn’t scared until they were really trying to scare me. lol So my mother in law gave me some sage and told me to fan it into every corner of the house throughout the entire house. Welp, that night I was attacked like never before! Remember I believe in the Lord Jesus. So again I asked why did you let this happen to me, I did the sage thing! He spoke to me, and said all you need is ME! Halleluyah! He is my protector! Oh I will be writing a book too so watch out soon on Amazon.

  25. I’m 10 years old and I am very sensitive to ghosts so when I and doing something someone with talk to me and I can see them but one day I woke up to 3 long scratches on my left leg and they were curved

  26. I got a scratches on Saturday night I think because I work up Sunday morning with scratches. It has 1/2 circle to top of letter E scratches. I’m not sure what this means. I have picture of my scratches if I can send to you.

  27. I have a photo but one night I was in the shower and my chest started burning when I got out the shower it looked like it said pal across my chest I was immediately upset my boyfriend was sick and under the weather and he was sleeping so I took a picture in the mirror the words was not pal across my chest it was ach and three scratch marks and it did ach for three hours

  28. I am Max I am 11 years old. I’m extremely scared of what could happen and I’ve woke up with 3 scratches like cat scratches on my left thigh closer up to my butt. But, there’s no possible way that a cat could’ve came in my apartment the windows r blocked and I don’t own animals. My nails are bit to the nub so it’s not me. My family would never touch me there. I also moved apartments because of minor situations my bed moved as a jolt 3 times of the year I lived there. I am now in a new place and felt a small jolt moving my bed again and no my family did not do this, I hear creaking and noises when no one lives on floor 2 yet. I often hear nearby gunshots or yelling or chains. Could the ghost or demon that moved my bed be warning me? Or is it out to hurt me? I also have a Bible but my mum is not religious as much as I want to go to a church and read the Bible. It’s on her dresser and I might start reading it. I pray to the Lord and hope for forgiveness because I am a sinner and not worthy yet. I will prove myself to our Lord and be the best I can. Good day! ❤

  29. i get random scratches appear on me, some before my eyes, some when i wake up in the morning, always have a burning sensation as they appear, always in a perfect line and peirce the skin.( leave a scab) i have tried to immitate the scratches to see if they match up with my nail marks (to see if i have accidentally done them to myself) but when i do it myself i cant match the marks or even peirce the skin. they are normally on my face however i saw a mark appear before my eyes and then another, followed by another. it was one line short of a W by the end of it. another on my face and i had the scab for days it looked like it had been done by a stanly knife. the only one i had that wasnt in a perfect line was a 3 claw mark back that was seen on my back after “the burning sensation” and i tried to see if it was done by me scratching my back but i couldnt reach where it was with my own hands. im used to it now however as i have always been paranormal awear from a young age lol… dont think they like me very much xx

  30. You might belong to Satan / Lucifer with out knowing it. In the future you do something against his kingdom and they are stalking you now. Accept Jesus so you can escape. I got setup and it’s been hell and I used to get scratches and had the devil’s teat on me too. Long story. Jesus is Lord.

  31. I have been having supernatural symbols writing and drawings show up on my body for a year in a half.And I had a paranormal investigator check my house and it is 100percent haunted.Nobody can explain my marks.It could be voodoo marks Possible .Or a evil spirit.its not hurting me but what if it’s black magic and hurting me on the inside.Has anyone heard of this.Im a born again Christian. At least I think I am. I’ve had a couple pastors come over and cleanse my home I’ve been re-baptized and I pray everyday and I still can’t get this to stop I’m very scared

    • Charles. If you believe in Jesus Christ that He has died for your sins and that He is God then you are saved.
      Are you in unrepentant sin? Keep confessing your sins everyday and make sure you pray to Jesus every day. We’re near the end times now but Jesus Millennial Kingdom will be here after and that will be paradise on earth so please hold on for that and don’t take the mark of the beast.
      Keep praying to Jesus and He will deliver you.
      I have been attacked by demons and they immediately left after I called out Jesus’ name but you HAVE to believe in Him. God bless and protect you. I will pray for you.

  32. Hi , today morning date sun 6th 2022 I got sudden scratch with four lines having no pets ,tis kind of thing happened already before.

  33. This is happening to my boyfriend too. I’m a Christian and he isn’t. He drinks heavy and we sleep in separate rooms. There are scratches on his arms and legs and one is a foot long on his thigh right up to his buttocks. They are always grouped together and are a broken line but have broken the skin. Today I saw the same scratch marks on the wall above his head where his head is and down the side of it. The scratches on the walls have taken the paint off and plaster.
    I will keep praying to Jesus Christ for it to stop. It only happens to him and not me. I know only Jesus Christ can stop this so you need to pray for Him to help you and deliver you.
    When I first became a Christian I did visualisation once but didn’t know it was witchcraft. I was pinned down in my bed by demons the same night and they laughed at me and I couldn’t move or speak. When I prayed to Jesus it immediately stopped!
    Please don’t burn sage people because it is witchcraft. Get rid of any occult stuff, Harry Potter and Disney is all evil. Anything to do with witchcraft is evil and of the devil.
    Pray to Jesus and be saved by Him but you have to keep praying. God bless you.

  34. The world behind this world does not have the same rules. There are no “walls” , “doors”, “security systems” etc…. Demons can fly around wherever they want, whenever they want. Anyone who says differently is a troll, ignorant, or possibly a witch themself. Mothballs and camphor can deter spirits as well as burning clean fragrances. Dragons blood mixed with myhrr is supposed to work also…. I did all this for awhile and then just kind of rolled my eyes and decided to deal with it because it’s a constant maintenance. The scratches go away eventually when life in this purgatory prison matrix of debauchery ends, we won’t ever have to deal with it again. Be baptized in Jesus with water, live a life of purity, take care of yourself, and avoid as many negative and stressful people as possible. Jesus also had to deal with this and we share in the sufferings of Christ according to the Bible remember? Eat healthy and easy to digest foods and keep your immune system boosted. Force self care on yourself (it isn’t selfish, it’s survival). See you in the heavenly realms hopefully

  35. I have been woken up by my cat hissing or growling multiple times In the last 6 months. 4 of which I have bleeding scratches. Last night a pretty deep one on my eyelid. . My cat only has back claws he was laying by my side. I have been thinking it is him scratching me but I’m not so sure now. And if so what is terrifying him so badly.

  36. Hi I’ve been lost and searching for answers myself I started feeling like I had lice one morning then scabies or fleas idk then my stools started showing little I think worms and a very bad idk maybe smell of death? I have scars on my face from whatever this is burning or cutting my face then my r right rib breast it carved the letters DLE gunning down my mother witness it as it was happening then it was like bites burning and leaving red blood spots all over from my feet to my arms face and so On then bruising and what looked it looks like teeth in the middle of my back it won’t heat it opens it pops out and on my right rib it felt as if I’m. Being piereced and my rib cage felt as if someone was going to crush me I also feel as if I’m being eaten from the inside out. I look at pictures and you see what looks like many faces some demons some devilish with horns and some like aliens with big eyes some like tranchilas and a snake with brown and black stripes you see it as it’s forming from my ear to Though out my head I started washing with vinegar to get relief only to feel as if I upset or them then if my hair hit my face it burns like whips and a cut with lemon is the only way I can explain. It is causing me to have severe kidney pain off and on. My hands it will deform my knuckles fingers and hand or wrist and making the imprint of a devil or demon or alien. In my forehead as well. It will cut me everywhere shoulders neck upper body and legs. It also feels as if someone is putting a cigarette burn all over little brown spots that then end up as a little hole with blood. Bruised all over back then stomach then buttocks then legs then while rib area . It looks as if my shower drain is bleeding black blood or tar or idk. It made the metal on the drain look as if it were from 1900’s old Rusty Idk I placed a white cardboard and as I showered it caused it to look as if it were turning moldy black with blood then a bandaid feel off me in the drain and it looked as if it were black mold and once I started pulling it out it turned the normal brown Bandai’s color. It will feel as if I am in a mri or radiology procedure as far my magnetic sensation all over my body so intense I thought I had bugs crawling all over non stop. I saw a pumpkin face as well brown old Without a nose or cut and so on it appears in a picture that I don’t even take. I lost my key fob to my car we tore my car apart and no where to be found but it regesters being in my car so I couldn’t lock my car but it was starting. Body was giving off what looked like fleas or black tiny things and some looked the color of flesh square and flat and sunny so tiny looks like dandruff but under magnifying glass they look like white or clear shrimp that suck you blood or you can cut them and they continue to live. I’ve been experiencing all of this since from what I thought was 5/24/2022 early am. I have ran my family and my fieance and my children mad as. Far as thinking I’m crazy and maybe need to be admitted. It is evil and Aldo after it cut me with the letters DLE a day or 2 later it cut me on my right back shoulder with the letters KIL. I feel as if it’s using me as a cacoon or womb idk there are also incidents where I was not on my menstrual cycle or and a brown grey with dark red blood clot and look like meat idk it came out after using the restroom. I then placed tampons because I’m freaking out that they are in every part of my being. After taking picture of the tampon when I took it out before the 2nd urgent care visit I thought nothing of it until I was going thru all my photos and videos of this and it now looked like a decapitated head and eyes full of blood nose and mouth and it’s as if it’s being torchered or a 3 finger make or spider or animal is clawing it apart and looking at the camera as if it out there were taunting me or showing me that meant that was me or my finance idk . I’m a mess i fear for what could be and I need all the help and prayer that I could possibly get. I’ve also been taunted followed or idk by what I can say are ufo people say drones and so on this part stated about 2 yrs ago there is so so much going on that I am screaming for help. Pleas pLEASE HELP.. my email is oneluv4youDee@gmail.com I’m 44 female in San Diego ca some one please please help me find the answers and help I am feeling everything from sadness fear pain and confusion or Lost and alone in this battle

  37. So I have read everyone messages on here and I have to say I live in a house right now that’s super super haunted I bet we have 35 pics or more taken from our cameras in the house and phones of numerous spirits and some very dark evil ones I have clear clear real very very real pics of these things and videos and I see them moving all through out house every.night I feel the floor vibrate as they walk up behind me knocking on doors shadows constantly animals see them have captured them in mirrors I have one pic one morning I felt it so I went outside it’s around 630 in morning and stood facing house shut storm door left big door open and took a bunch of pics and I caught something amazing it was a white faced figure long droopy face big black holes for eyes a cloak on and a mouth like a carp really creepy looking at me from inside but the amazing part is my wife has a bunch of crosses on wall and around those crosses where entity’s with whit shirts or clothing on very very visible and they appeared to have wings and if anyone doubts that what iam saying is true well your very welcome to check it out for yourself people this is real very very real and the ones making fun of these people that are going through it well I pray for you because one day you yourself is going to be tormented if you don’t get it right Jesus Christ is only way nothing will work beside that repent mean it from heart stay in word build your relationship with him and nothing can touch you to the ones needing help drop to your knees tell him your situation confess your sins do your absolute best to have self control patience and love and the Devil and his dominions will flee from you you still might see them but they can’t touch or harm you everywhere we go there are spirits and evil around us. Stay strong In your faith put on whole armor god and take your experience and share with everyone and may god bless you all my email is jhjuckett82@gmail.com for anyone with questions or would like to se pic thanks

  38. Dont fear my Brothers, i have been sent to help you all, first it happens beucase god is calling on you, so the envil will start, putting thoughts on you, and making u get fear of them, but in reality theres no need for fear, because we are much stronger as then when we have the god, and they know it. So they make you feel weak. Now the solucion is very simple, first. Pray for forgiveness to god, that He forgive you for all your sins, in the name of Jesus Christ, accept Christ as you savier. God our father will forgive you, because he love you. NOW WHAT U NEED TO DO IS CLOSE YOUR EYES, AND REPEAT ON YOUR HEAD I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ…. and say it over and over and over again again again and again they will not take it and run away becuase they can not standdd Jesus the name of Jesus make them vomite and get sick youre stronggg Just repeat the words all the time and nothing will mess with you, and if you sin again, right after it pray for forgiveness, God sent me here, i passed for things i cannot say for you my brothers, and god defeated all those things, and know i live free, i loce you all ❣️ Reemember weare strongers than those creatures because we accepeted God the most powerful existence there is. Be blessed you all my brothers ❣️🙏

  39. I am currently waiting for my friend to bring me my blue sage for entities. I’m dog watching and NEVER felt anything like this. I’m TERRIFIED. I feel like I’m going to be murdered. They pull on the covers I hear women’s voices. They move the hangers in the closet. They even locked the cat in a room that is never opened or used. Today they touched my ass. I’m gonna lose it. They turn off the lights. They won’t let my phone charge anymore. They actually play fetch with the dog. I saw the ball being thrown. The dog picks it up brings it to them and the ball gets thrown again. This lasted for 5 minutes.

  40. I’ve been having similar things happen but my energy or sorce is way more influential. Things move in my house blinds will open tables move things that cannot bend or move in our everyday moves. Like the floor will raise and lower as if it were breathing. Walls will do the same I sit on my couch with feet on the coffee table and the coffee table will slowly push into me to the point my feet slide slow across table. It will pull on my clothes I can’t sleep in my room anymore as I see the clouds of energy multiples walking moving around in my room I can feel it when it enters my mattress it begins to like vibrate ad I can feel it slightly shaking then the mattress will breath. Objects will look like faces and smoke or a fog appears and if I keep staring at it it will get mad and a redish light / laser beams at my eyes making them hurt. To point they will cross or hurt so bad I can’t look no more. The toilet will begin to slowly rock and roll back brand new and marble floors. I can see it rock cuz when I get up the water moves. I drive a lifted truck and when I park I can feel it rock the truck at times I stand on running board a d can feel the truck push down and raise up without me moving. Before things start to move or go hectic a can hear the energy approaching it sounds like a electrical magnetic sound as it gets louder the more intense things will happen. It also will open windows that normally ca t open I can see movement and in reflection of a mirrior looks like thibgs are crawli g inside smoke ghost like beings some come in and I can hear the window like clank back in position but looking g at it normally don’t see only in reflection. I can feel the draft of cold air come in whe it’s open in the reflection I can see the haze and smoke looking energy go into a wall then I will get real hot and headaches naseaus throw up and can’t sleep. Please help me someone it’s been going on for months now in 2 states. I have become isolated alone and I fight it off at times but people come over and some see it too when I point it out abd get scared to come back and others I can not tell cuz I sound crazy and hold a professional job. I have caught many things on camera I have caught actual clear defined beings non human they are shorter with a cone looking head and hair on top of rounded point at top of head walk across my living g room. I also have seen demo ic looking beings large than humans all on video tape. It does t like when I tell people I’m struggling to finish this as I’m becoming naseaus, sick and really hot on left side of head sweating g but cold. I must stop now please help me text me 725 285 5707

  41. Heyy, I’m going through the exact same thing with scratch marks all over. I haven’t found any help. I know who did it to me but did you find any help?

  42. i get the vibe you’re being satirical and i don’t appreciate it , i awoke with the letter K carved into my under boob and it has distressed me considerably. sounds like we are suffering from the same defects, only u are masking ur fear w bad humour while i am facing up to whatever demon is taunting me with bravery and humility. i wish you all the best ian adler. sincerely Orla Gaffney

  43. Helo please I’m Also suffering from burning skin on my back down to the batt and I’m getting scratched on my left shoulder for 4 years now any help +264812502285

  44. I have a scratch on my left sholder
    Mine looks like no. 1
    When i get that scratch i somehow being able to see more clearly in night then before
    I also feels like someone is around me but i think it didn,t meant to harm me
    After the incident my bad going life is suddenly change into happy life i didn’t think demon is think all the time to harm you may be there is a mystry why they were at us and not other people specially no. Type scratch people
    Just think about change in your life after the incident something is also good with you like you gat a new type of talent or a new super power thing.
    Rethink about that

  45. When i get that scratch i somehow being able to see more clearly in night then before
    I also feels like someone is around me but i think it didn,t meant to harm me
    After the incident my bad going life is suddenly change into happy life i didn’t think demon is think all the time to harm you may be there is a mystry why they were at us and not other people specially no. Type scratch people
    Just think about change in your life after the incident something is also good with you like you gat a new type of talent or a new super power thing.
    Rethink about that

  46. Ian,.
    You moved into a Haunted House. I got scratched one night we moved to a town called Norwood in Cincinnati Ohio…and Norwood is no joke built over an ancient Indian burial ground….Indian mound is a street ..we lived on Melrose and my. Mom left her abusive husband she married too quickly and alit of negative abuse but the 3 rd floor apartment my mother rented was haunted. It was 6rooms and the 3 of us huddled in 1 room towards the end.my mother moved back in with her abusive husband . We all started having paralysis dreams and one night I got hot in my shoulder blade my sister and I slept on the floor and gave my mom her bed when wehuddles in1 room…my mom said my sister did not touch me.anyway mom left because there was a big black apparition floating above her paralyzed …she left us there I was 18 and my sis was 16 and a virgin…oh boy anyway we’re just talking about a scratch ..well I was getting ready to get a shower it was idk 9 pm maybe it was dark well I’m getting ready and the light bulb blew…I was determined to shower so I left the door open for the foyer light and I was in the tub kneeling under the faucet washing my hair and it felt like ass cut my thigh. I had what look like a 2-3 inch cat scratch but we didn’t have any pets… Paralyzed dreams and all the blinds were up when we would awake one night it took everything to wake up and it was good 3 a.m. and it took a I had wakeupmy sister was almost sitting on my head in a tranceije she was possessed…it was crazy ..I grabbed her and she was pale and I had been an atheist for 3 years since my dad And everyone died..I ended up screaming ” God help me” grabbing her arms and shaking her. We were tossed across the room and she snapped out of it( we were both on the floor sitting) she was now screaming lush g herself backwards looking above the t.v. she said ” are u ok Robin?” I said an I ok….you were ..omg out of it…unreachae scary.shw had weird welts on her arms..we ran out of there with the clothes jacket and purse and we both never went in again.mymom ad then moved our stuff. We ran down to surrey square to Hardee’s it’s now 330 a.m. called our mom and she believes us …that’s why she left ..she drove a good 30 minutes and took us back to price hell our step dad was abuser but his house was fainted by a kind old grandmother. And you could s.ell the best foods. And nothing was cooking ..but he tried blame me apparently things attacked onto US and occasionally growl and those dam paralysis dreams. I was very interested in the super natural but I saw and experience enough in that place. I know most ghosts aren’t out to kick your ass but in that house they were. My mom told the landlord about the ghosts and he laughed in her face…also alcoholic makes it easier for possession..my sister didn’t drink or do drugs but she was a virgin and there are some truths to scary movies even the exorcist based on a real possession of a boy in a nother country .good luck my mom started carrying holy water a d u promise if you ask for God to help and. Scream like a nut that didn’t believe for 3 years and was never baptized…he came through….I will never doubt God and the existence of good…but u need to move out of that place ….God bless ….I was mad at ” God taking everyone from me even my baby” but I yelled God help me…and that’s when the energy tossed us somehow to the other side of the room and my sister has no memory of it whatsoever..

  47. I rarely tell ppl anything about bad spirits ghosts because as lot ppl narrow minded and I don’t like waste my breath.but seriously if be you’re gettig scratched and entities are we in your photos…you need to go if you just moved there…houses to carry impressions and not all ghosts are ghosts …demons evil things . I’m lit up in cold chills I try not think about it but anyone really experience scratching and negativity does impact it but not every house is good…..

  48. It was emf passing through your skin at high rates, you had dry skin no doubt, it was probably on your hands or around your arms… or elbos. Thats also how you cry blood as well. Take a long bath next time that happens and when you figure out who you where attacked by really, target the US Gov. You’ll probably know why at that point.

  49. I woke up one day with 2 cuts on my left index finger. Also I keep on seeing a shadowy figure standing right out of my bedroom door, then 2 glowing yellow dots appeared then disappeared in a second. I told my mom and she said it was probably fireflies. Bruh. I don’t think that was it. I need answers. I’m scared. please help me.

  50. I always have these crazy dreams that a dark spirit trying to kill me. I always wake up but one night I was attacked by a spirit it scratched my wrist deeply I woke up a the dining room my son had to help me up I didn’t know. I was so scared I still got the cut mark on my arm I pray about but I still have bad dreams I don’t know what to do

  51. I got scratched x3 times.. low vibration energy spirits use me as an energy portal.. they take my energy. I see them, feel them and can feel their energy.


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