i am bleeding all the time from wounds i cant remember (is it mine to remember?)

pain i cant describe (can you fathom it in words?)

words that arent mine (i dont know what belongs to me and what belongs to you)

goblin words goblin thoughts 

is this even my blood?

or is it an imposter?

a goblin has crawled inside of me and lives as i lived

cried as i cry

screams as i scream

an imposter lives inside my head as i lie

awake in my bed, arms


in the low of night,

fingers etched

around empty air, 

searching for 

comfort, the same 3:33

impressed into the clock

blaring inside my head, 

a head thats not mine

or if it was i cant

remember what it was like

to happily inhabit

its dark cabinets,

claustrophobic cloves in the 

corners of my mind

i thought the goblin

was me, but i dont even

know who me is?

she is my 

mother my

father my 

best friend my 

lover my 



aching heart my

bitten down nails

my weak knees my 

tired eyes my tense

shoulders my head

thats lolling right off of

my neck, finally

weighed down by 

the exhaustion i feel in 

every joint and

every vein and

i think i know

me but the goblin of 

me knows me better and

the goblin knows 

not me but i dont

know the goblin and

the goblin is not me

but i dont


not me and

the goblin knows


i dont

and the goblin

cant be (is?) 



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