you are (not) who you convinced me you were


your touch sends shockwaves like never before    

i wanted you to need me in the way i needed you  

you were a beautiful disaster   

the sting of your kiss that cracked through my walls       

to be apart, was something i never wanted to do   

your touch sent shockwaves (like never before)    

you showed me bits and pieces, and then dropped your shawl     

beneath the facade (of us) you, i found something i wish i never knew              

you (we) were a beautiful disaster        

strong, possessive, quarrelsome with a vision of tunnels meant for true (Love)-    

lies. lie after lie and (i knew i shouldn’t have) i stayed through it all       

your touch. sending shockwaves. never before.

the sparks once felt faded to tremors in the rifts between us (i tried to call     

out to you) i was the only one worried to lose     

you. were we not beautiful? but, a disaster of

warmth. warmth in the air (between us)   

It takes up the shape of an elephant, and it burns like gin 

your touch sends shockwaves like never before.   

you were (beautiful) my disaster 


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