bad habits


you been drinking 

you been thinking

what day of the week is it?

how long ‘til our vices can no longer keep us together?

seasonal depression often makes less room for the bad habits to get any better

i been drinking 

i been overthinking 

all the different ways of what could be 

was told depression comes from thinking too far back, 

but the future only gives you and me anxiety

my belly aches, want to know what it’s like to feel full

you blow it out quite often to make yourself feel better

just remain in the present and remind me 

that what i’m doing is “right”

would you be proud of me if i told you how i fall asleep at night?

the vices, the vices

we all have them to cope

no point in acting like the insecurities don’t occasionally make themselves known

just wait ‘til we get there and i’ll make sure you don’t stand alone

the vices, oh the vices 

bring me comfort until i’m ready to face all this shit on my own.


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