would i be liked the same?

many days I wonder what it would be like to move through the world if I wasn’t pretty

the white man stares, they do not turn a blind eye

he does not know that i do not go down without a fight

unfortunately for him it is not easy 

any kind of objectification makes me want to hide

not because i hate it, i love myself but not when you look at me.

often taking the road less traveled, yet many still try and make their way on it 

so shallow just to use our eyes, but did i expect anything less of humans? no.

but i love being pretty?

wish many would see that there is more to me and wish that it wasn’t shocking

i was not meant to be placed in this body, considering the amount of times i’ve shocked myself 

the time i am my most beautiful is when I’m naked

no literally, butt ass naked.

yet I don’t see myself that way. 

love the parts of me that are still able to cry and the ones that never feel like they’re doing enough a little more.

love the way i don’t care enough to explain because i understand me.

humans are not just sexy, we are messy and complicated and beautiful

i am beautiful

and not just because of how often i get stared at.


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