Letter to the Editor: The deserved death of Will Wamser


This past week, the Muhlenberg community was shook by The Muhlenberg’s Weekly’s own Opinion and Editorial Section Editor, William Wamser, taking an early, undeserved and unexpected retirement. I am an old white man and my opinions matter. I have lived in Allentown forever and I’m done quietly yelling at my horrible wife about all Mr. Wamser’s tomfoolery. I will be silenced no more!!! I am an avid reader of the Muhlenberg Weekly and week after week I would toil through Mr. Wamser’s quote unquote arn’ticals. Like articles but they aren’t. Now that is the kind of content this paper should be running. It’s funny but it also means something.

My greatest qualm with Will Wamser’s work is that it had no meaning. Just jokes for jokes sake. His articles are the ravings of a mad man. Where was the substance? Where was the love? Mr. Wamser’s articles never said anything and would just ramble on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. I’ve never stepped away from a Wamser piece feeling more whole. I mean, he just throws words together and calls that a joke? COME ON!! Let’s look at some examples. In one article, he said “Hermit the frog,” in another he called our 4th president “Kevin James Madison.” These are all absurd statements, where the context does not even matter, you just know they are bad.

And can we talk about the lying? This kid just says things and thinks he will trick us, how is that fair? First, he talks about his wife, who, surprise surprise, doesn’t exist. Then he brings in some fake kids to force his liberal agenda on everyone. On multiple occasions, he has claimed that Shaun White was his best friend, there is zero evidence of this. And lest we forget the whole mayoral incident. Allentown was going through its greatest power struggle in its existence and Mr. Wamser just saw it as an opportunity to make a joke at their expense.

I hate Will Wamser, he is the bane of my existence and I am ecstatic for the Weekly to be rid of him. I wish all the harm in the world comes to him and the company he keeps. Where does he get off? Writing funny articles? I cannot stand for it, even though they were a break from the onslaught of the news cycle. Sure, the articles were the lone beam of light in my otherwise dismal life, but that’s no excuse for him leaving. I mean, how could he? I just miss him so much. The weeks grow longer and longer with every day he’s gone and while I curse his name at night, I need him back at The Weekly. I have been cruel, but it helps with the pain of him leaving. If you agree hit me up on facebook and we can reminisce about our favorite Mr. Wamser moments.

– Bill Bamser


  1. Hi Bill, big fan, I’ve been your neighbor in Allentown for the last two years and I have to say, I admire the pitch in which you and your wife scream at each other. It goes down nice with a big sip of red wine at the end of the morning. I remember I saw your car was for sale and I was thinking about buying it. I really was. I’m not kidding.
    Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t stop.


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