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Bill Bamser

The time for me is now

Oh ho ho. Everything is me, as it shall always be! In case you can’t get that through your pea-sized brain, I’ll elaborate. You’ll...

Oh, how I’ve longed for a geo-tag of my own

Sigh. Woe is me, woe is me. As I sit upon my crown of tears, I cannot escape the thoughts which ravish my psyche day...

Sorry, the old Will can’t come to the phone right now

That’s right y’all Bill Bamser is back baby, and no that was not a reference to Austin Powers. I normally would reference Austin Powers,...

Interview with a Wamser

I am sure all of you have already heard the news about the former Op/Ed Section Editor, Will Wamser, and his unexpected early retirement....

Letter to the Editor: The deserved death of Will Wamser

This past week, the Muhlenberg community was shook by The Muhlenberg’s Weekly’s own Opinion and Editorial Section Editor, William Wamser, taking an early, undeserved...