This past week in college news


ATO brother at Washington State University dies 

  • CNN reported on Nov. 12 that the student’s death may be alcohol related. 

San Diego State University suspends 14 fraternities after student’s death 

  • According to CNN and Fox 5 news (both reporting on Nov. 12), a student died after attending a fraternity event and falling off his bunk bed. He had been pledging Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, and at the time of his death six fraternities were already suspended and four were under investigation. Now, 14 of their fraternities have been suspended. 

Arizona State University student found dead in “Greek Leadership Village”

  • KTAR News reported on Nov. 12 that the student’s death is currently under investigation. The student was found in a residential hall that houses students that are part of Greek life at the College. 

Northwestern newspaper apology sparks outrage

  • After The Daily Northwestern published an editorial on Nov. 10 apologizing for reporting on a student protest outside a talk given by Jeff Sessions, the student journalists were met with a storm of criticism from professional journalists on social media and other outlets. The New York Times reported on Nov. 12 about how the paper’s staff apologized for sharing photos of protestors on social media and for reaching out to students through the college’s directory, actions many critics said were necessary and normal parts of a reporter’s job.

Radford University student newspaper stolen from newsstands by college employee

  • The Washington Post reported on Nov. 11 that an employee at Radford University in Virginia had been identified by campus police for stealing over 800 copies of the student newspaper, The Tartan. The issue that was stolen had a photo of a professor that had recently died on the cover and some faculty members found the photo upsetting, though the professor’s widow had provided the photo to the paper. 

Laura is a sophomore Media and Communication student in the Pre Law program. In addition to being News Editor at the Weekly, she is a DJ at Muhlenberg's radio station WMUH.


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