On Nov. 10, the Provost’s Office announced via email that Muhlenberg College will implement a Pass/Fail option and extend the withdrawal deadline for the Fall 2020 semester. This decision follows the circulation of a student petition that called for such an option to be put in place, given the struggles many students are experiencing due to the pandemic. 

The temporary policy changes are outlined in an official document distributed by the Provost’s Office. 

“Given the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 crisis, this policy aims to give students an option that can mitigate their current stress levels and preserve academic progress while recognizing the unique stressors that may be limiting their full achievement,” the document reads. 

“I’m super happy it [the petition] passed. i think it was incredibly necessary in the current state of the world…”

The temporary policy applies to all students who are enrolled in courses at Muhlenberg College, as well as the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies. 

The deadline to request a P/F option is Friday, Nov. 20. The form can be accessed on Capstone Online. 

Compared to the Spring 2020 semester, however, these changes are more modest and require thoughtful consideration. 

Students will be able to request a P/F option for one course this semester. A course identified as a P will be counted in the 32 credits needed for graduation, but it will not be factored into students’ GPA. The chosen course can be used for a major, minor and general academic requirements, but it is advised that students speak with their advisor(s) before making any decisions. 

“If a student selects a P/F option, but later decides to withdraw, they are permitted to do so, but they would not be able to move their P/F option to another course after the deadline,” says the new policy. “Additionally, once a student selects the P/F option, they would be unable to convert the course back to a letter grade after the P/F decision deadline has passed.” 

The deadline to withdraw from a currently registered course will be extended to Friday, Dec. 4. 

“This semester is much more difficult than Spring 2020 was.”

The policy states, “Any student who has already withdrawn from a course will have the opportunity to re-enroll, if they wish, and delay their choice to withdraw until this deadline, with permission of instructor.” 

Many students are happy to hear that the College has acted upon their request. 

Eden Kaufman ‘23 said, “I’m super happy it [the petition] passed. I think it was incredibly necessary in the current state of the world, and I’m happy they decided to implement it.” 

“It’s wise. This semester is much more difficult than Spring 2020 was,” concluded Ally Duvak ‘22.

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