Sometimes it feels like the rainbow I am 

Is too many colors.

I’m not all the colors every day, you know.

Red lipstick

Orange crop top

Yellow backpack

Green collared golf shirt

Blue sequins

Purple floral button-down

That’s a lot of things to be all in one day

But yet when others look at my rainbow

I can’t help but see that they’re trapped

In some fabricated complexity

Yes I am all the colors

Yes it’s real, yes it’s true

But some days I’m red

And some days I’m blue!

It’s as simple as that

And why can’t they see

That choosing a spectrum 

Just means that I’m free

I finally have all the colors I need to paint for you all 

The person I see

So hey, hi, yes

I make art, I hate cops 

And I tutor chem

I love dinos and stickers

I’m Sydo



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