I just want to know what a soul’s sparkle is made out of

I want to know how to exist with the twinkle and the tears and the heaviness without fading away

Emotion is a wave underneath the sand

Sand is

Flakes of stone that could be mountains 

Ruffled and blown by even the smallest upset.

Maybe we all aren’t meant to be as stoic and as slow-moving as mountains are

They are 

giants who breathe in life from every corner yet

Absorb change silently and secretly

Maybe we’re meant to be sand

Blown with the wind and unafraid of motion.

Unafraid to be swept away and piled up and made into castles that fall to the ground as quickly as they were made

Prick me with the thorns of ephemerality

Watch me bleed out as the present slips away

If my heart had wings, who knows where I’d be?

Moving with the sand and the salt of the sea.


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