This semester’s TV sweet tooth


I have a note in my phone dedicated to all of the shows I have watched each semester of college. At first, I couldn’t understand why I was so compelled to do this. However, I soon realized I measure each semester by which shows I watch.  Fall of freshman year was all about “Parks and Recreation” and my full-blown desire to become Leslie Knope. I would often watch a few episodes to avoid writing a history paper which probably wasn’t very Leslie Knope of me to be honest.  Honestly, I am just glad my roommate wasn’t there when I watched the series finale and cried my eyes out.

It was after this passionate viewing that I first realized my life changed depending on what show I was currently binge-watching. When I watched “Black Mirror,” I covered the camera on my laptop out of paranoia. As it turns out, many other viewers of  the show have done the exact same. “Black Mirror” has made me seriously paranoid even though I have never done anything remotely close to the people on the show.  Similarly, when I watched “The Get Down,” I was always so inspired to write and create art because of all the creative artists on the show.

Now you might be wondering, what show defines this semester? “The Great British Bake Off.” I’m sure many people reading this have at least heard of the show.  If not, I usually just refer to it as the “anti-Cutthroat Kitchen” when talking about to people who haven’t watched it. Don’t get me wrong, I love some Alton Brown shenanigans, but “Bake Off” is just completely different. It’s a famous British baking show, hence the name, with a few seasons on Netflix.  Featured on the show are judges Mary Berry, your cool grandma who especially loves when the chefs use alcohol, and Paul Hollywood, a combination of Bobby Flay and Simon Cowell, who are just half the fun. Mel and Sue are the comedian hosts who always have a perfect dessert pun to say.

“Bake Off” is the ultimate show to watch during school. From the music to the beautiful shots of the field they film in, it is peaceful. I usually put it on in the background as I do some cleaning or homework. Unlike “Cutthroat Kitchen” or “Chopped,” the contests are identical throughout the season. From the first episode, I always have my favorites; none of which have won yet though. Most seasons even have young contestants! I love rooting for them even though they make me feel bad for not knowing how to make Victoria Sandwiches and Floating Islands. Seriously, how do they do that?!

Aside from the peaceful baking, there are moments I have laughed out loud. One of the signature quotes of “Bake Off” is “soggy bottom,” which Paul or Mary says when the pastry is too wet instead of being crispy. Every “Bake Off” episode is sprinkled with innuendo and comments about Mary’s bright jackets.

“Bake Off” brings an important lightness to my normally stressed-filled day. I know when I put on an episode, I will be in for a treat filled with laughs and sweet moments between contestants.


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