Ode to Java Joe’s


It’s finals season! This means every single member of the Muhlenberg community is busy, busy, busy. Whether it be meeting after meeting, finishing a term paper, performing in a show or any other number of activities, we all need a pick-me-up during the day.

Thankfully, Muhlenberg has the shining beacon of hope, or at least the source of a few more hours of energy, that is Java Joe’s. This is my unabashed love letter to Java Joe’s and its magical life restoring powers.

My favorite part of Java Joe’s isn’t even the coffee and snacks; it’s the atmosphere. As someone who could live in the coffee aisle at the supermarket, doing homework next to Java Joe’s is the BEST! The fireside lounge is so cozy. The big windows and fireplace really make the space. One of my favorite things at Muhlenberg is sitting in the fireside lounge drinking coffee while it rains.

Adding even more to the overall atmosphere are the Java Joe’s baristas. Has anyone else met a more delightful group of people? Usually when I go to Java Joe’s, I am feeling those mid-day blues and probably have a frown on my face. Everything changes when I get in line to order. I am always met with smiling faces! Sometimes, they even draw smiley faces on the cups, and it makes my day.

Also, I have asked for drink suggestions on multiple occasions because the syrups are plentiful and I am only mildly adventurous. The baristas are always so helpful and never have made me feel silly for not knowing what things are. Thank you, Java Joe’s baristas, for being so great! I am certain that the rest of the Muhlenberg community feels similarly to me.

Remember the syrups a-plenty I mentioned before? Well, the drinks at Java Joe’s are also amazing! I basically lived off caramel mochas the first half of this semester; that beverage choice was a suggestion from one of the baristas, so thank you to them for changing my life!

If you are like me and recently realized you have a decent amount of dining dollars left, you go to Java Joe’s multiple times a week. This last month, I’ve been drinking either mocha iced coffees or iced chai. I really am convinced the iced coffees have magical powers, beyond caffeine, that make me able to write essays. Also, a major shout out to Java Joe’s for always having soy milk; my lactose intolerant body appreciates this so much.

Does anyone else think that Mule Ears are the best after class snack? First of all, the name is great. But also, they are so yummy. A few months ago, I got one for free because they had a few left over at the end of the night. At that time, I was in the fireside lounge attempting to write a paper and it is exactly what I needed.

Thank you again, Java Joe’s baristas! You are an important part to the Muhlenberg community. Also, sorry I tried to take someone else’s drink the other day. 

I'm from Easton, PA. I am a history major with political science and creative writing minors. In my spare time, I like to write poetry!


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