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Taylor Garrison
I'm from Easton, PA. I am a history major with political science and creative writing minors. In my spare time, I like to write poetry!

The activism in listening to others

Sometimes, you have to learn a lesson the hard way. For me, the hard way was breaking my toe in my dorm room a...

This semester’s TV sweet tooth

I have a note in my phone dedicated to all of the shows I have watched each semester of college. At first, I couldn’t...

I Love Not Knowing the Answer

Picture this: class registration has begun for next semester and the classes you want to take are already full. You start to quickly scroll...

Ode to Java Joe’s

It’s finals season! This means every single member of the Muhlenberg community is busy, busy, busy. Whether it be meeting after meeting, finishing a...

Why Pepsi got it wrong

If you have been on social media recently, you likely saw Pepsi’s newest ad starring Kendall Jenner. If not, here is a quick recap:...