Give me back the feeling of 

mental lightness.

Heavy thoughts are my new norm.

With every anxious thought, 

It feels as though

a small rock is dropped inside my skull




and ultimately snapping my kneck

from the unbearable weight. 

I want to collect the seeds of

raw bliss

and allow peace of mind to water them.

I’d place these seeds in center of my heart and

lock it in with my ribs and

fingers, where they can blossom and flourish

within my soul, forming something beautiful and new.

Give me back the peace of having 


but air

swim through the coils of my brain.

Give me back the peace that comes from having clarity and sureness 

drizzle down my spine.

Give me back the peace of not having to sprint along 

side a lighting fast mind,

only to realize 

that the only thing I’m running to catch up to is what

I had before: 



Mustafa '23 is planning on majoring in Sociology with a double minor in Africana Studies and Creative Writing. While he's the editor for the Op/Ed section for The Muhlenberg Weekly, he's also an advocate for marginalized communities, specifically for queer communities and communities of color. He's also a lover of poetry and plans on going into a career of journalism post-college.


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