Waves and Currents


It boils up

within until it’s spat out 

Takes the shape of your own dark reflection on the ground

 or the form of a door slam.

  It speaks softly and lives secretly on the skin and

                               behind the eyes

                  (you’re alone)

                                    (u are)

begging fa air tuh


Tuh Breathe the denseness of falseness

     It has an odd way

             of weighing you

  down but also lifting yuh up

above everyone and errything from a dizzying height

       And smudging the inner walls of yuh head

               w/ colorful lies

        and colorless truths

Let me be at 


Let me 

         be on the

 ground and

               light again.

Let me live in the center of myself

where I am never alone.

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Mustafa '23 is planning on majoring in Sociology with a double minor in Africana Studies and Creative Writing. While he's the editor for the Op/Ed section for The Muhlenberg Weekly, he's also an advocate for marginalized communities, specifically for queer communities and communities of color. He's also a lover of poetry and plans on going into a career of journalism post-college.


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