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Brooke Weber
Brooke is a sophomore English major with a penchant for Harry Potter and pancakes. As a member of the Muhlenberg Theatre Association and the Girls Next Door, Muhlenberg's only all-female a capella group, she treasures her position as co-editor of the Arts and Culture section.

Popping the Muhlenbuble at the World of Food Festival

There are few places in the world that bring together every desire a college student could ever have, and fewer places still that do...

Notes and nerves: A capella audition week

It’s finally the weekend. Ordinarily, this would be a time for you to relax and make up for time lost to homework during the...

Mainstage preview: The Cherry Orchard

It’s about a family. No, really – there’s not a single singing pirate, thought experiment, or lip-sync showdown in this show. There are people,...

A behind the scenes look at Dance Emerge

With just two weeks left to go, students are dancing their way to the end of Muhlenberg’s Spring 2017 semester. As many are aware,...

Theatre over the rainbow: Wig Out!

It is not very often that a piece of art is born perfectly speaking to its time, addressing the struggles, victories, and needs of...

From universe to universe: Studio Productions 2017

What if you could experience theatre in a kind of loop: walking out of one show and into another, travelling through a new world...

Review: Listen to Me

One syllable, infinite meanings: Listen to Me. What does it mean to mean? What does it mean to not mean? Words of so much thought, so much...

Taboo turned theatre: The Vagina Monologues

The audience is tense. They’re sitting on the edge of their seats, nervously glancing around the room as if to size up their fellow...
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