It is a longstanding tradition here at the Weekly to put out an entire issue full of jokes and gags on the closest Thursday to Apr. 1 of each year.

This is a time for our editors to let go of some of the stress of the immense amount of work we all put in every week to get the latest news, events and student perspectives out to you, our readers. It is a time for us all to come together and just laugh for a while, to put some of our office inside jokes on paper, to make up absolutely ridiculous names and quotes and to photoshop the zaniest things we can think of.

Obviously, things are a little different this year. We’ve been working asynchronously off-campus for a few weeks now, and our articles are being published as developments arise. There is no print version of our paper (not yet – look out for future PDF versions of The Weekly in the coming weeks!), and our office, the communal space where we all gather each Tuesday night, is back at ‘Berg without us in it.

Still, as they say in journalism, the April Fool’s issue MUST GO ON!

We understand that not everyone wants or needs to laugh right now. That’s okay. But for those who want to take a bit of a break from the real news of the world, you can click the image below to enter our blog on a brand-new, never-before-seen platform,, and read our silly articles to your heart’s content.

Articles include (but are not limited to):

‘Berg squirrels given student status in new equity-focused campus policy

UNofficial: The refs and umps who officiate our most beloved sports have lost their identities

A Definitive Ranking of Muhlenberg Dumpsters

Everything is good and regular


and so many more. Keep checking back throughout the day for even more goofs.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

Brooke is a senior double majoring in English and Media & Communication. She's passionate about french toast, Kate Bishop, Steven Universe and the ocean coasts of Ireland. On campus, she is a Writing Tutor, Orientation Leader and member of the Girls Next Door, Muhlenberg's all-lady a capella group. She could not be more excited to serve as your Editor-In-Chief this year!


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