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The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board
The Muhlenberg Weekly's Editorial Board is comprised of the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor(s) and Section Editors, one of whom writes the editorial. Material appearing without a byline represents the majority opinion of the Editorial Board.

Editorial: When campus gets too cozy

Door holding: something that all tour guides have mentioned as the quintessential description of Muhlenberg’s campus – more than Victor’s Lament or our cardinal...

Why is climate change partisan?

Last May, millions of people worldwide attended one of the many satellite Marches for Science, including our own Assistant News Editor Ian Adler. The...

Return of The Weekly

The last two semesters have been particularly exciting for us at The Weekly, and although we do not typically use the editorial to take...

Science is here to stay, and we’ll march to that

With all of the pressing issues of the world, why march ‘for science?’ The March for Science on Earth Day is more than just a...

Editorial: Failure to communicate

This past week, College faculty members discussed an Academic Policy Committee (APC) proposal that would have lowered the minimum credits necessary for graduation from...

Editorial: Why students need to care about strategic planning

This past week, Muhlenberg’s Strategic Planning Group (SPG) held its third community engagement event. According to Dr. Kathy Harring, about 90 students were registered...

Editorial: A hateful end to free speech?

Just two weeks ago, we defended Milo Yiannopoulos’ right to express his views—however provocative or politically incorrect they might be. To quote that editorial: “We...
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