Women’s tennis timeline

Women's tennis practices during the fall. Photo by Photo Editor Kira Bretsky '27.

Muhlenberg women’s tennis has been working on and off the court to produce a win. Although the scoreboard has not favored them recently, they are making strides within their team culture and mindset.

Although they dropped their last to Gettysburg on April 13, these experiences are helping the team create goals for future matches. Kety Gaidamashvili ‘26 outlined their match goals. “Our pre-match goals were to adapt quickly to the challenging weather conditions, particularly the strong winds, which made it difficult to maintain our usual playing rhythm. We learned from our previous match with Dickinson under similar conditions that flexibility and adaptability were key. This influenced our team dynamic by emphasizing the need for quick adjustments and a positive mindset despite the challenging circumstance.”

Looking to the future, the girls have a streamlined vision. More specifically, they have things to work on. Giadamashvili commented, “The past few matches highlighted the need to improve our performance in sudden death points at deuce. Our goal moving forward is to sharpen our focus during these critical moments and maintain our fighting spirit throughout each match. Despite the challenges, the matches have motivated us to work harder and become more resilient as a team. As a team that is in the process of rebuilding, we know we are not currently in the spot we would like to be but we are going through the process. We know we are improving and sometimes the final set scores may not necessarily reflect our progress, as long as we keep the right mindset throughout the season and in preparation for the next, we will pave the way for our success.” 

In a similar light, Sophia Framm ‘24 said, “The past few matches have shown that our team has a lot of potential for the future. Despite this being my last season, I know that the players continuing next year and incoming first years will be able to keep improving and maintain the positive attitude we’ve had all season. We’ve done a great job of cheering each other on during matches and even during practice, which shows the confidence of the young players on our team as they continue to improve their skills and show our support as a team.” 

The girls not only have a positive mindset on the season, but they are recognizing their strengths and weaknesses for future success. Julia Lennon ‘26 said, “I think cheering each other on has helped us form a bond with one another. Something we’re working on is staying in the moment by taking it point by point.” Framm shared the same perspective. “I think shot selection and point construction are key points of any tennis match that this team has been and will continue to work on as our 2024 season comes to an end. There’s been a definitive improvement on both fronts in a short period, and the team can only keep improving as our coaching staff and players help each other get comfortable and confident in their shots during practice which translates into what we see on the court during matches.” 

Ultimately, the girls have all the tools needed to produce the outcome they want. Their positive attitude and clear communication will be big parts of their success. Mainly, since all the girls are on the same page, they can have continuity on and off the court. Their hard work is exciting to watch, and fans are looking forward to seeing their play during the rest of the season. The Mule’s women’s tennis team will host Eastern University at home on Saturday, April 20 for their senior-day match.

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