Women’s lacrosse beats Moravian

Women's lacrosse faces Moravian on Feb. 21. Photo Editor Kira Bretsky '27.

The Muhlenberg women’s lacrosse team started their 2024 season this past Wednesday, Feb. 21. They played a rivalry game against Moravian University, securing a 16-6 win. While the score put the Mules on top, there are many other elements worthy of recognition. 

One of the team’s goals outlined before their season was to have a clear strategy. Captain Lily Seifert ‘24 commented, “Our goals for this season as a team is definitely to progress as a team, win a lot of games and continue to maintain our energy and positive attitudes! We put a lot of work in, on and off the field, in the weight room, getting extra reps outside of practice and holding each other accountable. It’s also important for our team that we spend time together outside of practice to ensure good team chemistry.” This plan was evident when the Mules took the field, scoring 16 goals in their first game. 

The team’s prioritization of creating chemistry and comradery has made the biggest difference in their experience. Elisabeth Loiselle ‘24 added, “We push each other every day in practice and have all been holding ourselves accountable off the field. Whether that’s getting in extra reps, pushing a little harder in the weight room or making sure rest and recovery is a priority, we are all just trying to support each other.” 

At the Moravian game, two standout senior players had amazing achievements. Captain Lily Seifert ‘24 scored 100 points, and Captain Nicole Steiner ‘24 scored 100 goals. When Steiner was asked about her milestone, her mindset remained very team-focused. “I am excited and proud to have scored my 100th goal in our first game. But lacrosse, probably more than most sports, is a team game. A large number of my goals come from assists from my teammates (like my 100th). I am excited about our team’s success going forward.” Her selfless and team-driven attitude speaks to the team’s culture. 

Similarly, Seifert has the same philosophy and recognizes the hard work of every individual. “We had a pretty intense and well-rounded off-season where we collectively worked hard on our fitness and stick skills. For me, I made sure to maintain that coming into the season as well as taking care of my mind and body in order to be able to be fully present and working hard even when things get overwhelming during our season.” The team’s success does not lie with one individual but is exemplary through their collective effort.

Finally, the seniors commented on how they assisted in their first years’ transition. Seifert added, “It’s been really great integrating this freshman class. There are a lot of them, so we needed to take the time to make them all feel comfortable. Like I said, we make sure to do things outside of practice to allow our team to connect on a deeper level.” 

Ultimately, the players are working hard not just on the field but off it, too. They are creating a team identity that surrounds inclusivity, positivity and hard work. Loiselle perfectly described the team atmosphere, “Our team has such a strong camaraderie. I think that’s something that makes our team truly unique, and it’s a dynamic I’m so grateful to be a part of. That drive and motivation that accumulated over the fall has definitely come through in the preseason and going into our first couple of days. I am excited to see how we continue to expand upon that dynamic.” 

If you want to see the Mule’s next matchup, they will compete on Feb. 28, at 4 p.m. on Varsity Field against Misericordia University. 


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