An aerial view of Scotty Wood Stadium

Whenever we watch a game on TV, there is an integral part of the broadcast that makes everyone want to tune in again next week: the commentator who calls the game. That is no different for Mule TV, the official streaming network of Muhlenberg athletics. Since 2016, Matt Heydt has been the commentator for the football and basketball games and is able to say he’s working his dream job. 

The magic for anyone in sports—whether it be athlete or non-athlete—always starts at a young age: “From the time I started watching sports on TV, I knew I wanted to be involved with broadcasting to some extent,” said Heydt.

Heydt’s journey to becoming a professional commentator was a long road that started when he was in college at Lock Haven University, where he was a journalism/mass communications major with an emphasis in radio/TV broadcasting. “I worked on my campus TV station as a sports anchor. For my internship, I did play-by-play of our football and basketball games on the radio. In terms of my professional experience, I worked for the local ESPN Radio affiliate (now FOX) for over a decade. That role led me to the Muhlenberg position back in 2016.” 

Heydt has used all that experience to create an authentic viewing for anyone who tunes in to Mule TV, giving fans the full scope of the game and the players. After all, that is the best part of being an announcer. “The thing I probably enjoy the most is being able to watch each game unfold and describe what I see from a fan’s perspective, with a little added flare and personality. The stories that develop and the flow of the game is exciting to me.”

With six years of calling games for the Mules, many memories were produced, but two in particular stand out for Heydt. “My two favorite memories that come to mind would be calling a triple OT loss to Ursinus [College] in men’s basketball. Crazy back and forth game that came within a few seconds of going to a fourth OT. The second would be the football team beating Johns Hopkins University in 2019 to remain undefeated [the year the Mules went to the Final Four]. Everyone was so hyped for that game and it felt like Muhlenberg really got over the hump with the win over Hopkins.” To be able to call games this special is a once in a lifetime experience and Heydt has the ability to add his charisma to each one of these games.

Even though there is not as much national attention for DIII athletes, Heydt knows how hard these teams work. To be able to call their games and give them their acknowledgement on the broadcast is why Heydt loves commentating for Muhlenberg. And even without the high production of a D1 or professional broadcast, he still loves working with those who are able to help it all come together. “The student assistants that help me with the broadcast are great too. It’s a team effort and I really think we put on a first-class production.” 

Heydt is quick to acknowledge that student-athletes are what make these games, and to be able to watch the development they go through in just four years is incredible. “The best part about working at Muhlenberg is seeing the athletes give everything they have, knowing that for most of them it will be the last time they play organized sports. They still have the love of the game without the big-time pressure of the D-I level. It’s awesome seeing growth from freshman to senior year in the different sports I broadcast.” 


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