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When anyone thinks of college sports, the first thought that comes to mind is the varsity athletes who step on the fields for Centennial Conference games. Collegiate athletics require an immense amount of sacrifice, so for students who want to continue to play but with a lower level of commitment, there are also the club teams who put in an incredible amount of time to play a sport they love. However, these only encompass an aspect of college sports. The other is for those who do not play on a team, but still want to compete. This is where intramural sports comes in. 

For those who do not play on a team, this is where they can still play a sport to either have fun or fuel their competitiveness: “Growing up, I loved playing basketball, and I am happy to be participating in the intramural basketball league,” said Evan Alter ‘22. Most people who play intramurals do not play a varsity sport and these leagues allow them to be active and stay in shape. Also, they give students to de-stress and play a game.    

While student-athletes can play intramurals, they are swayed away from participating. “Out of season, it is not encouraged for varsity athletes to participate in intramural sports due to the fear of getting injured, which could be more likely when playing with less experienced players and without the presence of officials,” said Lindsey Scott ‘22, a soccer player. However, that does not stop all of them. “All of that being said, there are definitely athletes on campus that play and greatly enjoy intramural sports,” she added. 

Playing intramural sports is a way for varsity athletes to try something new that they would not have the chance to do because of the huge commitment they have during their season. 

For non-student-athletes, this can be a great way to meet new people they otherwise would not have. “For me, intramurals allows me to make connections, play the sport you love, and of course have a good time,” said Mitchel Korb ‘22. “Personally, I love playing basketball and to be able to have the chance to do that in college while also making those connections has added to my college experience.” 

But beyond all of those factors, the addition these leagues have on the college are not always seen, but are very much felt. These activities are important to campus life, “I feel that more non-athletes participate in intramurals, which I view as a very healthy component to our campus lifestyle,” said Scott. “I think all students appreciate the opportunity to participate in such an active and mentally healthy activity.” 

The importance of intramural sports on campus cannot be overstated. For many students, these activities help students stay in shape and give people an activity that they can have fun with their friends.  

“It’s great to be able to have a good time playing on a team with all of my friends. While it’s only for an hour, it allows me to forget everything I’ve got going on and just play a game I love,” Korb said.      

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