Senior superstars: women’s basketball

Women's basketball plays Moravian on Nov. 8. Photo by Photo Editor Kira Bretsky '27.

On Feb. 10, Muhlenberg honored its women’s basketball seniors in a match against McDaniel. The Mules not only came out on top with a 67-36 victory but were also given the opportunity to reminisce about their time here at Muhlenberg. 

Number 23, Caroline Horst ‘24, displayed grit and confidence during the game and recognized her last four years as a Mule. Horst said, “It was a special time to be recognized and reflect on the last four years. The friendships and memories I have made over the years are something I will always remember. Specifically, my favorite memories this year were when Ava Connolly [‘25] hit the game-winning buzzer-beater shot to beat Ursinus, along with the tournament at Massachusetts.” 

Horst has had an outstanding performance this season by starting every game and representing the team as captain. Her in-game goals displayed her consistent mentality along with the team’s intentions. “I wanted to be sure to come out strong and aggressive in an effort to put them away early. We were able to execute as our zone defense was effective in forcing turnovers and converting that into points in transition. As a team, we hoped to play together as one and get a win, and we were able to achieve that!” Caroline will remain a leader and powerful influence in their upcoming game against Brynn Mawr. 

Number 21, Abigail Scheidel ‘24, was a strong asset for the Mules since her time began as a first-year. She was one of two players to appear in all 25 games in her first season. In addition to her amazing athletic capabilities, she had a chance to reflect on what Senior Day meant to her. “Senior Day meant a lot to me because our parents and teammates put in so much time and effort to make it a wonderful day for the three of us. It is bittersweet for the season to come to an end, but it meant a lot to be honored and to have my four years at Muhlenberg celebrated,” Scheidel said. 

The day is full of emotions, and it is hard to articulate the feeling. However, Scheidel finds comfort in her favorite memory. Scheidel said, “The first thing that comes to mind is beating Gettysburg last season. Gettysburg is one of the top teams in our conference and the two-time defending CC champs, so beating them was a great and exciting feat. Emily Unger [‘25] hit a game-winner with less than a second left on the clock and it was one of those games where we all contributed and it was a strong, team effort.” Scheidel was a positive force and will continue to be a standout individual in their last game of this season. Most of all, her presence will be a constant reminder of her work ethic and determination. 

Number 15, Jenna Stockfeder ‘24, who came into college with the class of ‘25 but is graduating early in May, was honored during Senior Day. She commented on the experience, “Senior Day was a great experience. It was a great celebration with my teammates and family. We are a really close-knit team so I will definitely miss all the fun times with my teammates whether that be on or off the court.” Her time at Muhlenberg not only gave her valuable memories, but she claimed great achievements. More specifically, in their Senior Day game against McDaniel, she pulled down a game-high of seven rebounds for an ultimate total of 216 this season. Not to mention, this is the most rebounds for a Mule in the past seven years. Her energy is unmatched and truly embodies the Muhlenberg philosophy of strength. Stockfeder said, “My mindset is to finish on a positive note.” 

Mainly, her excellence and mindset on the court will be missed next year. Ultimately, these seniors’ legacy has touched the team in more ways than one. Rachel Saxton ‘25 commented on their impact, “As a junior, Senior Day to me is highlighting and appreciating everything the seniors have done for me, the team and lastly the school. I think it’s very important to highlight the family that these seniors continue to foster and how they have helped the rest of the team grasp the concept of togetherness, belonging and leadership.” Mainly, the team will forever cherish the seniors’ mentorship and memories.

As the underclassmen consider the current seniors leaving, they can’t help but think about their own journey at Muhlenberg. Unger said, “As a junior, Senior Day made everything feel a little more real. Before I know it, It will be my Senior Day and my basketball career will be over. It seems like it is a long time away, but time really does fly. I’ve learned to really appreciate every moment when I am playing, even when it gets hard as it’s a long season.” As a Muhlenberg community, we will forever remember every Mule that is involved in athletics. The current seniors have left a legacy that doesn’t stop evolving and getting passed down to younger generations. We look forward to seeing the growth of every individual and recognizing everyone’s achievements in being a part of collegiate athletics. Most of all, the women’s basketball team has manifested a strong team atmosphere and will continue to excel on and off the court. 

My name is Lexi Sipos, and I am a double major in English literature and political
science. I play on the women’s soccer team and cover the sports section for the
Muhlenberg Weekly. More importantly, I love to read and write.


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