Preseason poll: Muhlenberg women’s fall sports 

‘Berg women’s teams are ready to compete for silverware after intense pre-season training

A review of Muhlenberg's Women's Sports. Photo credit to The Muhlenberg Sports Team's Instagrams.

While many students are preparing for the start of classes, several fall student-athletes arrived on campus days, even weeks, earlier to participate in their preseasons. Muhlenberg’s fall women’s sports teams are entering their seasons with a positive mindset and a successful end to their preseason workouts. With cross country, field hockey, soccer, volleyball, and golf, our women’s teams lean on the Muhlenberg athletic staff and each other to be prepared for their fall competition.

Women’s volleyball came to campus with five new first-years looking forward to what the upcoming season holds. The team’s captain, Julia Ficon ‘24, offered her input, “I was really happy and impressed with our play from preseason.” Preseason sets the tone for the team, and volleyball came prepared for the next battle of the season. Finally, Julia commented on how the team’s goals confidently align with their coach, Rob Vicker. “One of our goals is to make another playoff run within the conference. In addition, our coach said that he wants to host a playoff game. The team certainly agrees with that goal because hosting a playoff game means that you are a part of the top teams in the conference going into playoff matches.” Women’s volleyball is continuing to push themselves past preseason into their fall conference games. 

Since our women’s golf team does not have a formal preseason, they work individually over the summer and come together optimistically for their fall opener. Kaylin Foss ‘25 noticed the immediate team connection when back on campus, despite the team’s individual practices. “Carly [Foss’ teammate] and I both dedicated ourselves to playing at our home courses. I am lucky enough to be a member of the Bucknell Country Club where I utilized the driving range and played 18 regularly. I worked on my swing and short game as well,” said Foss. All of the girls are composed and excited to be back on campus working together. However, due to the loss of many seniors because of graduation, they are in search of more members to join the golf team. If you are interested, please reach out to their head coach, Billy Hallman.

Women’s soccer is entering its preseason with new turf, a new coach, and a new outlook. They are eager to get on their new pitch after their recent trip to England, and in conversation with Lucy Atwood ‘24, she comments on their preseason schedule. “Everyone showed up to preseason ready to go and with a great attitude. Our coach, Kathy Prescott, did an amazing job from planning out every small detail to creating a new environment for us to rebuild and thrive in. We had loads of success during preseason, and I hope to carry that success into the rest of our season.” The girls won both of their preseason scrimmages, and they look forward to pushing themselves this season; finding success on and off the field. Mainly, they look forward to seeing their 14-person senior class finish their last year on a high note and propel the team ahead for years to come. 

The positivity within the women’s sports preseason doesn’t stop there. Field hockey has been working tirelessly in their preseason to set themselves up for an exciting season. Captain Paige Goldberg ‘24 spoke about their preseason work, “Preseason really helped us get into shape and work out the kinks. We are able to grow and develop as a unit from where we left off in the fall.” Field hockey preseason has built on their momentum from last season. From their first day in preseason, their competitive nature was tangible, with fitness testing and playing in the heat. Nonetheless, they are also focusing on furthering their technical abilities. Goldberg states, “We spent a lot of time working on taking quicker shots and using the width of the field. We dedicated a lot of time in the weight room and saw great improvement in our strength.” The girls have set out their goals and are ready to achieve them this preseason. They are working in tandem with their strength and conditioning coach, head and assistant coaches, each other, and time on the field to produce the best outcome possible.

Finally, women’s cross country is building off their record last season to influence the current season’s outcome. Lauren Afran ‘25 explained their preseason efforts, “We had a really fun preseason and it was a great way for us all to get used to running hard workouts and doing all of the extra little things that matter like stretching, working on mobility and strength training.” On the track, they are focused, organized and prepared for the next sprint. While they are building their physical abilities, they also are building their team comradery. Afran commented, “Preseason was a great opportunity for us to all get to know the freshman and to do fun team bonding activities to connect as a team outside of running.”

Ultimately, every women’s team has built a foundation during their preseasons that will enable them to flourish during their regular season competition. Across every sport, coaches have encouraged and pushed their teams to be their absolute best. That motivation doesn’t stop there, as every team is composed of driven, hard-working athletes who excel both on and off the field. Most of all, preseason allows the Mules to get one step closer to what they want to achieve this fall season. Look out for what the Muhlenberg women’s fall sports have to offer this 2023 season.

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