Men’s basketball season wrap-up: 2023-24

Photo by Photo Editor Kira Bretsky '27

Muhlenberg men’s basketball finished their 2023-24 season on Feb. 19. After a literal coin-flip to determine the venue, they ended up hosting Dickinson in a “win-and-your-in” game to determine the sixth and final seed of this year’s Centennial Conference playoffs. Unfortunately, the Mules lost in a close contention (70-67) with a score reflective of a tough battle. 

The Mules were down in the first half, but they persevered, gaining 14 points to tie the game. The energy was high, and there was consistent resilience displayed by the Mules. In the second half, the team came back from being down to earn eight points. Giovanni Rubino ‘24 left it all on the court. With 2:32 left in the second half, he brought the Mules the tie they were looking for. Although they lost by three points, the whole game embodied their consistent enthusiasm and teamwork towards a common goal. 

Brandon Goldberg ‘24 and Rubino, are graduating in May of this year and not returning to Muhlenberg. Their lack of presence will not go unnoticed. Drew Greene ‘26 commented, “The impact that the seniors had on this program is hard to put into words. Rubino and Goldberg are both super-skilled players on the court, but I think how they impacted us the most was off the court. To be in their presence almost all the time throughout the day was truly special and felt meaningful. They both bring such different personalities to the program that help benefit and bring our team together as a family. Even though we lost and didn’t have as great of a year as we expected, it taught us a lot. We went through a lot of adversity this season and honestly still stuck together through it all. Losing sucks in general but being able to feel that emotion and learn from it is the most important skill an athlete can have. I think our team is super excited for next year and is going to be ready to work to our full potential.” 

Ultimately, the seniors’ mentality and energy will leave a legacy for the underclassmen to carry on. Their season had all the elements on and off the court that symbolize a successful team culture. Although the team lost, they will cherish the tenacity and team camaraderie they shared this season for time to come and ultimately use it to push them into their next season. 


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