Men’s and women’s golf teams compete in Muhlenberg Invitational

Kaylin Foss '25 concentrates on the green

The Muhlenberg golf teams have had a strong start to their fall campaign. One of the major highlights for the team was that they hosted the Muhlenberg Invitational. The Muhlenberg Invitational was a great time for all players to come together in a supportive environment as a team.

Alex McCauley ‘26 talked about his experience with the Muhlenberg Invitational. McCauley said, “The Muhlenberg Invitational went well for the most part. Everyone who could play did and had fun doing it. Some people were unhappy with their scores, but the fall is usually seen more as practice for the spring season anyway. As hosts of the tournament, we have a responsibility to help other players, within the rules, with course navigation and strategy. We are also under some pressure to perform well at a golf course we are so familiar with.”

Hosting the Muhlenberg Invitational was a good experience for the Mules as it gave them comfort due to the fact they were golfing on their home course. Drew Hynes ‘24, talked about how playing on home turf affects the performance of the team. Hynes explained, “Hosting a tournament is different as it’s much nicer only having a 15-minute drive to the course in the morning. I always enjoy playing in our home tournaments because I am able to invite my friends. I always enjoy playing in front of a crowd, and having my friends support me in my athletic competitions.”

Aron Gianchandani ‘24 talked about how the team chemistry has fared this season. He commented, “The team chemistry has been well. We all get along together and really enjoy practicing together and giving each other swing tips. The new players integrate very well into the team. After each round, everyone feels comfortable sharing how they did and are always welcoming to take advice from teammates.”

Hynes also reflected on the chemistry within the team. He echoed a similar perspective, “Team chemistry is good. We always say ‘hi’ to each other when we run into each other in d-hall or Seegers. We try to coordinate times when we are going to the course so we give each other tips during practice. The new players are integrated pretty well into the squad. I’ve been able to play nine holes with each of the new members. As a senior, it’s nice to see that for the foreseeable future, Muhlenberg Golf will be a successful program. All the new players are dedicated and determined to be successful.”

Given that the golf team is small, they are looking to recruit additional players. Kaylin Foss ‘25 said, “We are still actively looking for female golfers so if anyone on campus is interested in joining, reach out to our Coach Billy Hallman or even let Carly [Kramer ‘25] and I know.”

McCauley highlighted the goals of the team, “We are focused on improving scores and improving our mental toughness. We need to continue practicing, even through the winter, to improve our conference standing for the spring.”

While golf is not a team sport, the Mules focus on being together as a team. Gianchandani said, “One focus in particular for this year has been to just relax on the golf course and not get in our own heads, but to take it one shot at a time. The team would like to continue working on not getting so angry while playing. Our coach has instilled into us the motto, ‘hit it, find it, hit it again.’”


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