This past Saturday, Apr. 1, the men’s lacrosse team returned to the turf to play Washington College. After their recent Centennial Conference loss to Swarthmore College, the Mules were eager to bounce back. For the first 23 minutes, Muhlenberg’s defense contained Washington’s offense by keeping them scoreless. At the end of the game, Muhlenberg got the result they wanted with a 12-9 win against Washington College. 

While this was a huge win for the Mules, the team is concentrated on what comes next. “We remained focused by taking it game by game. We can’t get too far ahead of ourselves by looking at the season as a whole” commented Dominick Visintin ‘23. This perspective propels the team to be the best they can be and allows them to continue this positive momentum into the back-half of the season. 

Most of all, the team contains essential elements that are a recipe for success. Matthew Regan ‘24 states, “One of our greatest strengths currently is our gritty mentality. We go into every game ready for a dogfight which prepares us mentally and physically for a battle whenever we play. Another strength of ours is our team chemistry. It is rare to find a team as close as ours and it shows both on and off the field.”

 The dynamic is thriving, the Mules and coaches create the environment for the program to surpass any challenge. With that said, no matter how many times a team wins, their true character shows when they face conflict. It is evident that the Muhlenberg men’s lacrosse team encapsulates mental and physical strength coupled with high standards. All in all, the players are committed and so are their fans. Ultimately, the rest of their opponents should come prepared because this is only the beginning strides for this unstoppable team. 

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My name is Lexi Sipos, and I am a double major in English literature and political
science. I play on the women’s soccer team and cover the sports section for the
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