On Friday, Sept. 9, the Muhlenberg field hockey team went up against the Morovian Greyhounds. Despite the Mules’ best efforts, they were unable to get a victory at home and lost 3-0. However, that did not diminish their spirits, as they are still optimistic that they can turn around the season.

Throughout the earlier portion of the season, two of the three losses by the Mules have been in overtime, and the team is working hard to find a way to scratch out some wins in these competitive games. Erin DiSandro ‘26 knows that the Mules have what it takes to start converting these close games into wins, “The team needs to continue to work on our spacing on the field and our replacement of each other as one of our teammates gets out of position. I think in the first four games we have found ourselves very clumped on the field.” DiSandro continues, “We also [need to] spread the defense and have more room to work the ball down the field.”

DiSandro went on to talk about the mindset needed to succeed. “We are trying to focus on working together as one unit throughout the entire game through communicating, supporting, and filling in for each other on the field. Our team theme for focusing on this… [is] to try and use the right side of the field more often this season… So that sense of unity on the field is definitely a big focus for us for the rest of the season.”

Mikayla DeMichele ‘25 mentions, “our coaches have really tried to emphasize a few key things we need to work on in order to come out with the win. One specific strategy is how we will be working on baseline runs and pushing wide and to the right.’”

Mallory Holson ‘23 shared the team’s key to success, “Is to stick to our play regardless of the situations around us, putting the uncontrollable [factors] out of mind and focusing on what we can control in a game, practice and free time. When we really tap into our confidence and trust in one another, we’re really successful!”

One of Demichele’s personal goals for the season is to, “Continue to play with confidence. It is important to believe in yourself just as much as you believe in your teammates. This sport is a lot about trust and the belief that you have the ability to succeed (and in our case, win). Although we may find ourselves struggling occasionally, it is important to keep our heads up and to offer positive feedback to each other. We like to emphasize the importance of accountability.”

Something the Mules definitely have going for them is their team chemistry. Katie Raab ’24 mentioned, “our team chemistry has been incredible since the first day of preseason. We all boost each other up and keep a positive attitude.” 

This dynamic is evident by the effort displayed by the Mules every game day. When the announcer introduces the 11 starters, each one of them waves and the rest of the team cheers as loud as they can. If a ball rolls off the field, everyone is hustling to pick it up as quickly as possible so they can start the next play. The Mules know their place on the field, and are always willing to help their teammates succeed. 

The Mules are ready to compete both in and out of the Centennial Conference for the remainder of the season. The Mules travel to Montclair State University on Saturday, Sept. 17 where they will go up against the Redhawks. 


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