The beginning of a lacrosse game is simple yet complex, calm but aggressive, cerimonial despite its brutality.

In the face off circle, the Muhlenberg Mules men’s lacrosse team has their answer for the battles that not only start halves, but occur after each goal too. Frankie Feaster ‘20 has been an absolute force in the faceoff circle in his two plus years playing college ball in Allentown. This far in the 2019 campaign, Feaster has won six faceoffs out of a total of eight opportunities in the circle. Despite the few amount of faceoffs taken by Feaster in the early 2019 season due to a minor injury, which allows the midfielder to play but not face off as often, he has proven himself to be one of the best players the program has seen in its history.

Feaster holds two of the three top spots in the ‘Berg lacrosse record book for faceoffs won in a single season with 233 and 165 in 2018 and 2017, respectively.  He won 22 faceoffs in a single game – two different times – against Gordon and Stockton in the 2018 season.

Most impressively, Feaster has the most faceoffs won over the span of a career in program history, so at this point there are no more far out numbers to chase. With every faceoff won, Feaster will further etch his name into books, distancing himself from present and past players.

Although the faceoff circle is not necessarily where goals are scored and fancy assists are made, it can certainly be the spot where games are won or lost depending on teams successfully gaining possession of the ball.

There are a number of drills and exercises that can make players better at specific skills throughout the sport, but Feaster credits a lot of his success to the live faceoff reps he is able to gain at practice, against some pretty solid competition.

“To strengthen my faceoff ability I practice with guys like Matt Burke and Zach Cooper every day at practice,” said the junior midfielder. “There are a lot of good battles and each of us make each other better.”

While Feaster has already set multiple school records and seen much success in just two years at Muhlenberg, he knows he still has much to prove over his next two years on his lacrosse team. He constantly has preached team success over individual accomplishments, which is a mindset that is extremely beneficial to the team as a whole.

“It is a really a special feeling knowing that I hold the faceoff record but I am not working towards that goal,” said Feaster. “I want to win faceoffs to control the ball and win lacrosse games.”

While Feaster is currently easing into action with an injury, he and the team are excited for his return as it looks to compete for a Centennial Conference title this season after winning a program record high in 2018.

Alex Horowitz graduated with a degree in media & communication major and was a co-sports editor of The Muhlenberg Weekly. He was a member of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, as well as a co-president of Relay For Life.


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