In the blink of eye, it was all a thing of the past. The sport they loved and the team they had dedicated hours upon hours for came to a crashing halt as the only Division II club on the Muhlenberg campus was formally dismantled. With the combination of Ken Latteman, former bench boss, resigning only weeks prior to reporting to school, his replacement, Howard Unrue, taking over the job, and with the lack of college backing, Muhlenberg club hockey could no longer stay on its feet. However, almost a year and a half after the club’s unfortunate ceasing, the program could be making its way back as talks between former players and Athletic Director, Lynn Tubman, have been extremely productive.

The entire situation that ultimately led to the dissolving of the ice hockey team has certainly had an enormous impact on the  loyal and committed group of players who gave Muhlenberg hockey their heart and soul and had so much fun doing so. Having been promised hockey even before they had stepped onto the college scene, and then being left with nothing has most definitely left a stain on the entire college athletics experience for a couple of former Mule hockey players.

“Absolutely,” said Henry Mette ‘19. “One of the reasons I came to Muhlenberg was that I knew I was going to play hockey, and I thought it was going to be for all four years. When I spoke to the coach before coming here, he made it seem like I was going to be involved with a competitive program and play meaningful hockey. Had I known where we would be right now, I most likely would not have come to Muhlenberg.”

This feeling that Mette expressed is shared among his former teammate, Sam Amon ‘19. Amon expressed just how impacted the entire team’s experience was. “It was especially disappointing because all of the players on the team would have not attended school here if there was no team at the time of their admission as they would have gone to a school that had a team. It definitely left a stain on not just mine, but all of our experiences,” said Amon.  

Although their dreams of being a collegiate athlete were cut short, the two men have no resentment towards Muhlenberg Athletics, formerly headed by Corey Goff. Both Mette and Amon remember where they first placed the blame and where it actually lied. “At first, we were upset with the athletic director, but later talks have resolved those issues. If any resentment is had, it’s for our old coach. I’ll admit that he was given a lot in a short amount of time, but he did a terrible job of rising to the occasion,” Mette said.

Amon agreed with his fellow Mule saying, “I had some (resentment) at the time the team was dismantled, and that was largely due to a lack of communication. We have since talked with Muhlenberg Athletics to clarify the downfall of the team and this made most of my resentment go away. The resentment I do have is towards our former coach.”

However, it is not the end of the road for Muhlenberg hockey as very recently discussions have been held surrounding the possible return of the club sport. Tubman, in just her first few months at the helm, has witnessed and has been active in the efforts to revitalize the program that got its start way back in 1969 under the leadership of Bill Bilinkas ‘73 and Lyle Allan ‘73. “There is an active club ice hockey alumni base, and they have expressed interest in assisting the re-establishment of club ice hockey, and we have been in communication with them this past fall and spring,” Tubman said.

Also active in these productive meetings are the four passionate former players that still remain. Leading the charge to get the ball rolling was Amon himself.

“I initially contacted Muhlenberg’s Athletic Director Lynn Tubman at the end of the fall semester. I and the three other former players met with her, her assistant, and the head of clubs and organizations at the beginning of this semester and then again after Spring Break to create a potential budget for the program,” Amon said.

The next in the process is to see, “what interest there is from current and admitted students to possibly bring back the club next year,” according to Amon.

Tubman praised Amon, Mette, and other guys for their drive and enthusiasm during these talks. “They have been very motivated, and responsive in taking proactive steps in exploring the revitalization of club ice hockey at Muhlenberg.”   

Despite the fact, that Mette and Amon will not get the chance to play hockey for Muhlenberg again, they are committed to providing others with the incredible opportunity. “Even though I won’t get to play it, I want club hockey back here so much because I know how much the game means to people. Before the talks started, I planned on being completely uninvolved with the school as an alum. If it were to make a return, it would give me reason to be involved with the school after graduating,” said Mette.

Amon understands as well that hockey has a special place in people’s hearts, like it does for him, within the Muhlenberg community.  “Even though I don’t have the chance to play, it would give future Muhlenberg students the opportunity to continue to play the sport they love. This would only enhance their Muhlenberg experience.”

As soon as Fall 2019, club Ice Hockey could be back at Muhlenberg College. With players who are so dedicated to the game of hockey and its future like Sam Amon, Henry Mette, and the other former Mules, Hockey can certainly make its return and stay for years long after they are gone.


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