Ben Kollender '23 running home with his new friend. Photo from @mulesbsb on Instagram

With the College putting an emphasis on community service for its students, we often hear about all the incredible programs that take place through partnership with the Office of Community Engagement (OCE). The sports teams, too, participate in community service. The Muhlenberg baseball team took their talents off the field to help kids play the sport that they love. 

On Sept. 26, the Muhlenberg baseball team volunteered at the Miracle League of The Lehigh Valley. The Miracle League works to allow children with “mental and physical disabilities” to enjoy sports and social activities. Muhlenberg baseball spent the day forming relationships with all the kids and also took on various administrative roles from keeping score to coaching.

Nick Whelan ’24, infielder, spoke about his positive experience volunteering with the Miracle League. “My favorite moments of the day were spending time with the kids and helping them enjoy the day playing baseball. [Infielder] Jack Kent ‘24 and I were partnered up with our kids [for] each game and we had a lot of fun getting to know our new friends.” 

Donovan Brady `22, pitcher, also talked about the relationship between his team and the Miracle League. “I think the partnership between Miracle League and Muhlenberg baseball was so beneficial because these kids love playing baseball and seeing older kids come and teach you and play with you is just an awesome thing to experience. They enjoyed being out there with us just as much as we did with them.”

When reflecting back, Whelan felt positive about how the day went. “I took a lot out of Miracle League day… It was [great] to see how happy these kids are playing the sport I also love to play. These kids were all full of happiness and it really made the day much better,” he said.

“A valuable skill I gained while volunteering was being able to adjust to each kid and know that everyone is different. I would say enjoying the little moments and bringing good energy is something that was gained too,” Brady said.

Whelan also believes the partnership between ‘Berg baseball and the Miracle League is extremely worthwhile. “Coming into Muhlenberg College, I have seen pictures of past players spending time at Miracle League… This has been an event for the baseball team for many years. I think this partnership is very beneficial for our team as well as the Miracle League participants. It really opens up our eyes as a team and it is something we all really love to do.” 

Infielder Jonathan Suero `24, shared, “After spending the day at the Miracle League, I realized how important it is for both the team and myself to continue doing work to better the community. Even though it was just one day of volunteering, it was clear how much of an impact the team was able to make on the children that we were spending time with.”


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