New beginnings in communications for Bill Keller

One in a bill-ion former director of communications leaves his position after 13 years.

Photo by Lexi Hall '26. Director of the Office of Communications Bill Keller.

Bill Keller, a faculty member at Muhlenberg, will be leaving to pursue a new position at Franklin & Marshall College. Keller began his long journey at Muhlenberg 13 years ago, where he first joined the office of public relations, which was later renamed the office of communications. His primary responsibilities were social media and website content, which slowly morphed into storytelling and internal communications over the years. He also became heavily involved in visual and digital media creation, media relations and crisis management.

Keller not only worked in the various fields listed above, but was also part of planning major college events, such as commencement, opening and honors convocations and Summer Advising. He not only planned administrative events, but assisted with musical performances like Candlelight Carols and more. 

Keller completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies in professional writing, which prioritized business writing, marketing and strategic communications.

“I really enjoy working with other people and acting in collaboration to solve problems.”

Bill Keller

Keller stated that he is, “most proud of the team that I helped recruit and bring to the College.” His office was involved in so many aspects of everyday life at Muhlenberg. They helped in storytelling as mentioned before, in event support and even extended to management and operation of WMUH and marketing of theater and dance. The office supported planning, preparations and response for emergencies and championed the efforts of Muhlenberg’s athletic teams and student athletes.

Keller shared that he was fortunate enough to have worked across a huge variety of projects during his time at Muhlenberg, saying that “exposure to and participation in so many aspects of higher education has shaped my understanding of how different offices and individuals work together to achieve common goals. It’s also helped me build friendships from nearly every team and department on campus.”

Keller’s time at Muhlenberg no doubt had a big impact on him. “Muhlenberg represents a huge part of my life history and defines many of the relationships that I value most,” said Keller. “I’ve grown, evolved and improved my ability as a communicator as a result of the challenges I have faced with the projects my team managed, but we successfully navigated through them, and I’ll always appreciate the folks who have been with me for that journey.”

His last day at Muhlenberg will be Mar. 2, and for him, Muhlenberg will always be a huge part of his life. Keller’s life partner, Megan Keller, also works at Muhlenberg. She is part of the Office of Health Professions Advising, and their young daughter, Cora, is quite possibly Marti the Mule’s biggest fan. Keller excitedly said how, “I have no doubt we’ll be back on campus for many events in the coming years! I’ll continue to follow the incredible accomplishments of Muhlenberg students, faculty, staff and alumni online, in the magazine and on social media. I am already looking up Centennial Conference schedules to see when I can watch the Muhlenberg Mules visit Lancaster to compete against Franklin & Marshall Diplomats.”

Keller will not only be missed by his colleagues but also by members of the student body. Ben Eber ‘23 expressed the impact Keller has had on his Muhlenberg experience saying, “He’s a warm and kind face in the community that has helped show students new opportunities. Over the summer, the office of communications wanted to see Muhlenberg students engaging with the community, so he took me all around downtown and showed me new coffee shops I’d never been to and new restaurants to check out. He took me to the Allentown art museum. It was really fun interacting with and working with him. It’s a rare but fun way to interact with the school. 

Ayden Levine ‘23 stated “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bill. It’s so clear how much he does for this school. He is dedicated to ensuring the memories made at this school are unmatched. I will really miss working with him.”

Eber continued, “He’s a really warm person, it comes so naturally working with him. He’s a great mentor to other photographers working with him and to other hobbyists.”

“Whether you’re a new photographer or a hobbyist, he’ll talk shop with you. He will be missed.”

Ben Eber ’23

Keller is going to join Franklin & Marshall as the assistant vice president for advancement marketing & communication. He will work closely with both advancement and communications teams to effectively develop and deliver messaging to alumni, donors, students, faculty and staff.

Keller shared, “[I am] going to miss the students, faculty and staff of Muhlenberg, but I know I’ll be hearing great things about the College and its community for years to come.”


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