National Athletic Trainer Appreciation Day

(left to right) Muhlenberg Athletic Trainers Sean Morse, Morgan Duggan, Lindsay Porembo, Chelsea Bortz, Jamie Scalise. Photo courtesy of Muhlenberg Athletic Department

Mar. 1 is National Athletic Trainer Appreciation Day and the entire Muhlenberg athletics family appreciates our athletic training staff and student trainees immensely.  Without their commitment to the physical and mental health of our athletes, our several athletic successes would be much more difficult to obtain. 

In the spirit of this important holiday, a few student athletes have taken the time to show their appreciation for each of our individual trainers and how each of them have positively impacted our student-athletes throughout their undergraduate careers thus far. 

Linebacker on the football team, Tim Higgins ‘23, shows his appreciation for athletic trainer and alumni of the volleyball team Morgan Duggan ‘14. She has been dedicated to Muhlenberg athletics and to Higgins’ own injury rehabilitation processes. “I’ve dealt with a couple different injuries while playing, and Morgan has always done her absolute best in getting me back on the field healthier than before. With that, she’s always made sure that my mental state was good when I’ve suffered an injury, which always makes me feel better about returning to play healthy and worry free.”

Defender on the women’s soccer team Alysa Akins ‘24 gives insight to her developed relationship with Assistant Athletic Trainer Chelsea Bortz and her appreciation for her, “Since having been diagnosed with a rare injury my sophomore year, Chelsea has made it a priority to check in on me not only as an athlete but also [as] a person. Having underwent two surgeries and missing my junior year season, Chelsea has never let up her unwavering support even through the frustrating obstacles my case has presented. I do and will always appreciate the positive impact she has had on me and the support which all of the athletic trainers and training students provide us everyday.”

Offensive lineman Zachary Greenberg ‘24 speaks of assistant athletic trainer Jamie Scalise, “Experiencing injuries is never easy on the athlete or on the trainers. Recently having a season-ending injury, Jamie has been there every step of the way with me, starting on the field, initially getting hurt, all the way through being cleared and working to get back on the field. Having a trainer, like Jamie, who cares for our best interests and health, is a trait that shows what kind of person and trainer he is.  He goes above his position as an [Assistant Trainer] while motivating us to be our bests on and off the field.”

Defender on the men’s soccer team Evan Shlotterbeck ‘25, speaks to his experiences working with Assistant Athletic Trainer Sean Morse, “I’ve been working with Sean closely for about 15 months now through my recovery from hip surgery and some other setbacks. He has always given me individualized attention on days where the training room is very busy, and has always tried everything in his power to help me become a healthier, stronger athlete. He has pushed me to surpass my mental and physical limits with his workouts, something very powerful for an athletic trainer, and has always been very creative with his exercises. Ultimately, Sean has been a source of compassion, commitment, and hope throughout a tough time for me as an athlete and I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for him being the trainer I have worked with!”

Lastly, senior captain of the women’s soccer team, Emily DeAngelo ‘23, thanks head athletic trainer Lindsay Porembo for her unwavering commitment to her rehabilitation processes and the Muhlenberg athletics program overall, “Throughout my college career I have had some injuries both nagging and severe that had me in the trainer’s [office] very frequently, and Lindsey along with the other trainers treated and cared for me with every effort to keep me playing on the field all four years. No matter the time or day Lindsay’s door is always open for not only injury talk but as a support system, shoulder to cry on, a good laugh, or to give great advice. She also gives the best hugs. Because of trainers like Lindsey I still find time in my week to go say hi and check in even though I do not need treatment. I will miss Lindsay and the rest of the crew very much! Our athletic training team is responsible for so many of our successes on and off the field.” 

Happy Athletic Trainers Appreciation Day! 

Olivia Oberman '24, a neuroscience major and member of the Muhlenberg women's soccer team. She enjoys meeting new people and listening to their stories!


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