The Cardinal Key Society has been posting flyers around campus in order to try to recruit applicants for the following year, but there still seems to be a sense that not many people understand what exactly the organization entails.

Cardinal Key Society in the 1943 edition of The Ciarla. Photo courtesy of Trexler Library Special Collections

Founded by six members of class of 1942 in May 1940, since then, the Keys have acquired an extensive presence on campus. According to their page on the Muhlenberg College Alumni website, “The Society has grown over the years to provide a cohesive program for student involvement in the greater College community, specifically with alumni.”

Students may apply to serve as a member of the Cardinal Key Society in the Fall semester of their freshman and sophomore year. The deadline to apply for next semester just passed this Tuesday, but current freshmen may look ahead to next Fall to apply during their sophomore year.

Rasleen Grewal ‘20 is the current secretary of Cardinal Key and she speaks openly about what it takes to be a member of the organization and what their role is on campus.

According to Grewal, Cardinal Key is best described as an organization of student ambassadors or liaisons between alumni and our current student body. At any given alumni event, these students act as point-people for alumni, offering them tours and insights about what is currently going on at Muhlenberg.

The two biggest events for Cardinal Key Society include commencement and Alumni Weekend. At commencement, the Keys assist with the lectures at these events, deal with logistical elements such as parking and prepare the graduates before they walk. At Alumni Weekend, the Keys can be seen transporting alumni, giving campus tours, mingling at luncheons and facilitating question and answer sessions.

“It helps me learn how to network with alumni. You have to strike up conversation with any alumni and be that friendly face for them on campus,” says Grewal. She has already made many valuable connections with alumni that will benefit her when she graduates in a year.

It is not just the connections that are beneficial, though.

“It’s a really fun group of leaders,” explains Grewal. “I feel like everyone in Cardinal Key Society is a leader, and every single person has the opportunity to gain leadership skills.”

“I feel like everyone in Cardinal Key Society is a leader, and every single person has the opportunity to gain leadership skills.”

The community that Cardinal Key fosters has proven valuable to student leaders like Grewal who are always looking for a way to get involved on campus.

Grewal remembers her favorite experience as a Cardinal Key, which was when the Keys were able to give the 50th class reunion group a campus tour.

“To be able to witness all of their reactions on how much the school has changed was really meaningful,” notes Grewal. “To see how much they cared about the school even 50 years out was really exciting and speaks to how special this place is.”

It is experiences like these that help Grewal and other Cardinal Keys remember why Muhlenberg is such a valuable place, even 50 years after graduation.

“This is a really special place, and I’m so glad I get to share its changes with the people who have shaped my Muhlenberg experience,” says Grewal.

Additional Reporting by Sydney Coplin


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