The spinning rainbow wheel of life


1:24 a.m. My eyes are weary, drunk on blue light from the computer. I’ve been laying out the newspaper’s design for almost seven hours straight, the Mac computer full of opened Google docs, downloaded files and one essential InDesign page. As I make my changes to the page, the computer freezes up. A rainbow circle, the “Rainbow Wheel of Death” loads on the screen. Then the computer goes black. 

I’ve lost some of my progress once InDesign opens again, and I scowl at the screen, groaning in frustration—time to start again. I was a layout editor at The Weekly for most of my time, becoming a managing editor for my last semester. Late nights of greasy GQ food, laughter, red pen markings and text boxes were a staple of my four years. And I’m not sure what I will do when the rainbow wheel spins again, when the screen finally goes black, never to restart again. 

In other words, I’m going to miss The Weekly. I remember joining on a zoom screen in my Brown dorm, my feet dangling from the bed. When we finally had our first production, I was exhausted walking back at 3 a.m. But as I look back, those were the best times of my college life. Not only to be a part of such a warm-hearted, funny community but one that was passionate about journalism and making a difference. I’ll remember Johnny’s spectacles, Sara looking at me like a face looking at the camera in “The Office,” whenever Katie says something weird, the constant fights over the Oxford comma. 

I want to shout out some of the best people I’ve ever known: Cydney Wilson, thank you for hopping on that prospective Zoom call and telling me about The Weekly. Your passion and intelligence know no bounds, and ‘Berg is never the same without you. Or-El Ankori, and all of the other layout editors who’ve come and gone – those late nights of wanting to murder InDesign, coupled with funny memes and “Kim Possible” ringtones, are memories I will treasure forever. Harry Glicklin and Keanna Peña: you’re so cool and I know you’re gonna do so well with The Weekly once us seniors are gone. My editor team: Katherine Conlon and Johnny Veglia – I’m consistently delighted by your dedication to both the Weekly and off-key karaoke sessions of “Wicked” songs. Johnny, you’re truly one of a kind and every time I see you, you always bring both a smile and at times, laughter so hard I can’t breathe. Katie, thank you so much for believing in me – your love of Joni Mitchell, going against-the-grain journalism, and awesomeness always amaze me. I love both of you and I will continue to remember your sitcom couple dynamic for years to come. 

And finally, thank you Sara Vigneri. Even though we’ll always be at an impasse (your name spelled incorrectly without an h), I have learned so much from you. 

I love our late-night conversations about first-year seminars, books and sci-fi movies. My time working for “The Allentown Voice,” is something I’m incredibly proud of, but I’m even more so proud to have known you these past four years. As you read this, I hope you have a nice cup of coffee and are enjoying the time without the constantTaylor Swift playing in the background. 

1:25 am. The rainbow wheel has stopped spinning, prompting the screen to restart. It’s the same software, but the content is different, the words new and exciting. As I enter my next chapter (such a cliche thing), I hope that I imagine my struggles as that rainbow wheel, loading. The screen will turn black, but it signifies a new start, not as a rainbow wheel of death, but of my next stage in life. 

Sarah Wedeking '24 is one of the layout editors for the 'Berg Weekly. She is a Media & Communication major, intending to also minor or major in English. When they're not crying over Indesign, you can find them listening to sad indie music, geeking out over the newest Netflix show, or playing her ukulele.



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