Muhlenberg senior Sidney Kaeb Announces the release of her fiction book “When It Rains.” 


Kaeb is proud to offer the debut novel “When It Rains,” available for purchase on Kindle and Amazon starting on April 19, 2024. “When It Rains” is an emotionally charged narrative encapsulating themes of resilience and self-discovery, while housing a space for queer women in a genre that doesn’t typically showcase their stories. Below is the synopsis of the book. 

During a study abroad trip aboard a research vessel exploring the serene islands of New Zealand, Wren faces an unexpected challenge: avoiding her now ex-boyfriend, Leo, amidst the close quarters of the ship. But as a storm breaks out during the jet ski excursion, Wren finds herself stranded on one of New Zealand’s uninhabited islands in the dead of winter. She is joined by Chase, a fellow student with whom Wren shares only passing familiarity. As Wren awakens on the desolate island, memories of the days leading up to the accident slowly begin to resurface. With dual timelines weaving together the past and present, Wren discovers that there’s more to her friendship with Chase than she originally thought.

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