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Hey besties! Welcome back to this week’s edition of Paige’s Page! I hope you all had a fantastic Halloweekend! No one understood my pop-culture-reference costumes so I’m never going to be creative ever again. I’m kidding…just feeling weirdly old for only 21. Anyways, it seems as though you are all trying to recover from this spooky week and work on improving yourselves as we move on to the lovely month of November. New month, new me… or something like that. Let’s get into these questions!

Hi Paige, I’m thinking about switching my major, but I’m so scared to do that. Help!

Hey bestie! This is actually such a fun problem to have but I’m sorry that it is causing you so much stress! Little known fact about me, Paige Weisburg, is that I changed my major not once but twice, and my minor three times. It was incredibly stressful, so I totally get what you are feeling. This just means that you are learning more about yourself, which is always a good thing! I came into Muhlenberg as a psychology major and I took my first ever psychology class freshman year and I hated it so much. I learned that the only reason I wanted to study psychology was because I wanted to know what was going wrong in my brain, but I actually don’t care about it that much in a larger and more practical way. That, however, led me to a few more things which brought me to my beloved—political science. I feel really fulfilled studying this and I am so happy that I decided that it was okay to give up on what I thought I wanted. That was scary for sure but if I can do it and end up here, so can you! Switch your major as many times as you want until you land on that perfect thing for you! It will happen, I promise! 

Hey Paige, how do you get over someone?

Hi bestie, fabulous question! Short answer, therapy. For a long time. Long answer, it takes a while, be gracious with yourself. If you feel gross, allow yourself to feel gross, but ultimately you are still here and you will be fine. You are not, and will never be, defined by how much someone likes you or if you have a partner or not. The feeling of rejection is really difficult to deal with in general, but in my experience, you have to learn to like yourself again. The experience of rejection from a single person (who is really probably not worth it if we are being honest with ourselves) can spiral really quickly into a stream of consciousness that is full of self-hatred and disgust and can make you feel worthless. If I was writing this like three years ago, I would have said to keep that to yourself to avoid looking weak, but the Paige that is writing this in 2022 is telling you to express your emotions. You don’t have to tell them how you feel directly, but don’t fear looking “weak.” It’s not weakness; understanding, feeling, and processing your emotions is one of the greatest forms of strength you can show. Having good people around you to support you is really important to the process of moving on. Lean on those people. Remembering that you are capable of being loved is really hard to do when you are in the early stages of moving on. Also, I know a lot of people that give advice on this would say to just pick someone else, I personally don’t think that is good advice at all. Enjoy being single, have fun, and spend time with your friends. There is no rush to find a new love interest. But also go to therapy—for a long time. 

Hi Paige! Can I give advice about something even if I don’t have real experience in it?

Hey bestie! You absolutely can! I do it every week! 

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