Young One,

You are a descendant of queens and kings

of the conquerors and the conquered. 

There is a battle in your blood that remains untamed and 

peninsulas in water that remain 


It is your job to seek them out. 

Your imbalance is not a diagnosis — but a — symptom 

of neglect. Of hurt. 

And of a forgotten language and a longing to be loved. 

And to love. 

Young one, you are the oceans and the boats that sail it. 

You are everything. You are it all! 

No matter how many times you find yourself lost and wandering 

or waking up and picking which mask to hide behind today; 

you are never alone and you are always enough. 

No matter how dichotomized, synthesized, and ostracized you may feel by those you thought were obligated to accept you. 

You. Are. Worthy. 

Those who reject you simply fear the power you are and the greatness you are about to become

Oh how I wish you believed these words. 

This too shall pass, for you are worthy of as much love and compassion that you give. The world is waiting for you 

and She is not ready for the things you will do and the power that you will unleash.


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