Letter to the editor 3/30


Dear Editor, 

The Muhlenberg Weekly headline describing Thursday’s (Mar. 27) talk by Amanda Berman proclaimed, “Hillel-sponsored event incites protest.” This headline is disappointing, biased and inaccurate. In fact, other people–some from Muhlenberg and some from elsewhere–hijacked our event which was intended to be an educational presentation with standard opportunities for Q and A. In our view, the truth should be established through intellectual examination of positions and not by intimidation. The truth is not determined by the number of people squeezed into a room holding posters. Much of what occurred in that room was not reported in the article. The protesters interrupted with disruptive heckling throughout the talk. When Amanda Berman referenced the sexual assaults of Israeli and Jewish women by Hamas, many members of the audience laughed. The sexual attacks on Israeli and Jewish women, as a matter of fact, have been confirmed by the United Nations. How are women on campus supposed to feel when they know that some of their peers find the rape of Israeli and Jewish women funny? The Weekly—perhaps inadvertently—contributes to a more polarizing environment on campus by suggesting that Hillel incited a protest. We did not incite anything. The definition of incite is “encourage or stir up (violent or unlawful behavior).” In no way, shape or form, did the Hillel organization or its leaders incite this act of disruption and intimidation.

Thank you, 

Leah Kressel ‘26

Danielle Hadge ‘26


  1. Thank you for writing this, Leah and Danielle! I wish more people were willing to actually listen to the conversations we are offering to have.

  2. The violent rhetoric pedaled my students, professors, librarians, and admin alike at ‘Berg is starting to turn into violent action. And I’m not shocked they still refuse to do a thing about it. This headline is so reliably disappointing. Hillel nor Amanda Burman sparked protest. What an odd way to phrase that. Violent students and teachers did. Do something Muhlenberg. I took my diploma off my wall last month. I’m embarrassed that this is where I went.


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