Goodbye, Muhlenberg Weekly!


I’m so thankful for all the opportunities given to me by working for The Muhlenberg Weekly. For one of the first times at Muhlenberg, I was a part of something bigger than myself. I learned to work in a team with many talented and interesting people. The Weekly gave me hands-on experience, which has prepared me for future sports media work. I will miss so many things about The Weekly. I’ll miss running upstairs to GQ with everyone, trying to buy as much food and drinks as we got each Tuesday with the secret $10 GQ gift cards. I’ll miss my walk back to my room in the middle of the night. Although I felt utterly exhausted during those walks, I also felt accomplished. Each Tuesday, I and everyone in that office surrendered their time to publish the voice of the students. Creating tangible media people can hold and appreciate made working those late Tuesday nights worth it. It was more than just writing game recaps and chit chatting until two in the morning. We were helping to facilitate a platform for Muhlenberg students. I will miss the excitement I got each Thursday when I picked up the newspaper and saw my printed article. I know that the future of The Weekly is in good hands. To Cydney Wilson, Sara Vigneri, and Alex Blum, thank you for believing in me and accepting me onto The Weekly Team. And to Matthew Baker-Grunza, thank you for carrying on the Sports section after my departure. You are incredibly talented, and your work and dedication to the section have shown throughout this year!

Thank you, Weekly!

Tom '23 is a Media Communication major who loves the world of sports. He is currently interested in continuing sports writing after his time with the Weekly. While not at the Weekly office, Tom enjoys sitting down and watching whatever is on ESPN and hanging out with his friends.


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