counting grains of sand.


One more time the many go out and leave me be.

Oh how it empties me. Carves out my charisma and I am little again. Water eyes, squished hands trying 

to grasp up, please I need.

You to prove my left shoulder venom wrong. Let me in.

Laugh with me. Spend the time.

They go.

Never knowing till I do and it guts. 

All provide the whining child’s wants but what a patronizing kindness to

the head. “Take it. Now go. Sit. Be quieted and let the real people continue.

Let us talk and live and bond. Go back. Your place carved in the wall”

Drown in the space between us. Try and try but never see why

you can’t reach.

Loneliness is truly a desert instead of the canonical sea for there is no life, just time looking to the sun

for something it can never give me.

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