A festival of snow and ice:

‘Berg celebrates Winterfest


Last Saturday night the Muhlenberg Activities Council hosted Winterfest, an event where students could come get sweet treats and do fun, simple activities with their friends. I attended the event, and although it started out with a slow stream of people, the Event Space was eventually full of people who were all enjoying the festival.  

This event featured a DIY sock-printing station; a station where you could have your picture put into a snowglobe; a chocolate fountain and cookie decorating station; and live music performed by Nelly’s Echo, a guitarist and vocalist who performed during season three of The Voice on NBC. Nelly’s Echo performed both original music and covers of familiar tunes like “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz or “All of Me” by John Legend. Nelly’s Echo is an immigrant from Nigeria and made reference to it during his performance, stating that he would perform a song in Nigerian. He was at his most entertaining when he was making fun jabs at ‘Berg students, like saying: “If you can’t speak Nigerian, clap your hands. If you can’t clap your hands, stomp your feet. If you can’t stomp your feet, I’ll pray for you.”

Many Muhlenberg students also enjoyed the event.

“Yeah, I love fuzzy socks, I love the music, [Nelly’s Echo] is great, he’s funny,” Maereg Gebretekle ‘22 said. “This is one of the only times I’m free so I’m able to go and I’m enjoying it, I’m loving it.”

“I like the singer, I like the sweets, all the fun things that people can do,” said Shelly Zaid-Kunz ‘22. She elaborated on events that MAC hosts, explaining that, “I like how different they all are. I think something like this is more relaxing, and other events are more chaotic. There’s a lot of people here, but this one is small and nice, very relaxed.”

Marie Pillsbury ’21, Eunice Umubyeyi ’21 and Faith Buckley ’21 enjoying the festivities. Cole Geissler / The Muhlenberg Weekly

Although many members of MAC were at the National Association for Campus Activities convention, there were still members of the exec board around to help. Juliana Reiner ‘21, who just finished her first year of working with MAC, was at the event helping it run smoothly. Reiner explained how she helped in the creation of the event, saying, “I didn’t do as much planning as I did trying to get the word out. I do postings on Facebook for the 2022 and 2021 pages. I try to get the word out. And often I’ll come an hour early and help the Fun Affairs people set up, or help with food, or even just talking to the performer.”

Overall, Reiner was happy with the turnout of the event. “We weren’t able to get as much word out, because everyone had to leave to get to the convention. I’m really happy with it, people seem to be having a good time,” Reiner said.

Connor Baker ‘22, a member of MAC agreed, saying, “It has exceeded my expectations. There’s never a clear path, like a certain amount of people go. Everyone seems like they’re enjoying themselves. Nelly’s Echo has been a really good singer and a great guy so far. This has 100 percent been a success.”

Looking towards the future, the Muhlenberg Activities Council is hosting multiple fun activities including a trip to see Avenue Q on Broadway and lovelytheband performing for ‘Berg’s annual spring concert.

“Keep in tune, we have a lot of exciting things planned and I can’t wait for the future here,” said Baker.

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