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Connecting our faith

“My faith tells me that no matter what terrible things are happening in the world, I know that it’s all part of...

Two Halves of life

Reverend Phillip Jackson shared his take on the two halves of life with attendees in Miller Forum, Moyer Hall at 7:00 p.m. on Oct....

A warm welcome to our new, even warmer chaplain

As the new school year comes back around, it brings more than just new classes and the Muhlen-plague - this semester, it will bring...

A toast to survival

Raise your glass to food, drink, celebration and the survival of the Jewish people—this is the holiday known as Purim. This past Saturday, Feb....

The Religious Effect: On Yom Kippur–Exploring the meaning of forgiveness

From one sunset to the next, a certain day in the year is revered and honored by millions of people across the world. It...