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Selling cool

Two male college students stand at a party. The lights are dim and music blasts through the small, off campus house, drowning out most...

Will the JUUL ever be too cool for school?

I open up the orange tube of mascara and slightly lean over the small mirror, slowly applying black liquid to my blonde...

Addiction has a sleek, new design

Walking the halls of Ridgedale High School, the LED lights feel harsh. A cold winter breeze escapes from...

How much will you risk for a taste of heaven?

Scents of subtle fruit and sharp mint filled a room on the second floor of Prosser. An RA or campus safety might...

Your Best Friend or Your JUUL?

On a crisp Saturday night in Allentown, PA, I walk up Chew Street and hear muffled music and minor yelling coming from a house...